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2017-01-05 19:47:03 +0200 asked a question Count frequency of text in spreadsheet

How do you count the frequency of a word appearing in a spreadheet?

E.G. My spreadsheet lists several institutions and the last time or next time they were or should be "Checked"

There are 4 columns with months (January-December) listed for reference on when each item should be checked.

How do I search the spreadsheet and get a sum of how many times "January" for example shows up in the sheet?

I have tried the SumIF and CountIF functions and I keep getting error messages in response in both in Excell and Open Office Calc.

I have also tried the "Find All" function which highlights everything but wont quantify...

This is such a simple function I was hoping for a simple way to get to it but have been having so much trouble.

(I am also a spreadsheet newbie- simple walkthroughs appreciated)