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2017-03-07 23:33:30 +0100 commented question Date 'over value' conditional formatting

So I finally managed to get it to work. I have no idea what was wrong with the original file but once I copy/pasted the whole spreadsheet into a new file the formulas worked as expected. (The date formatting was correct from the start, I did not change anything apart from copy/paste into a new file.)

Both the solutions by @Lupp and @riosv work as described.

Thank you for the help.

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The solution from riosv works and I can replicate this, but for some reason in the actual file that I need to implement this I cannot get this to work even though I think I am copying all the formatting and formulas correctly.

Would you be able to have a look to see if there is an obvious problem within the spreadsheet? I have had to remove most of the data as they were sensitive but the date range in question starts from C522. Any help is very much appreciated.

EDIT: Thank you for the karma, here's the file: Test.ods

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2017-03-05 00:17:18 +0100 asked a question Date 'over value' conditional formatting

Hi, I have a column with dates (UK formatting DD/MM/YY), and would like to set up the cells to change style (eg different colour) once a set number of days has passed from today's date (I am trying for 2 weeks, or 14 days).

I've tried different ways within Conditional Formatting but nothing seems to work. I tried the solutions suggested here without success: (No change is made after entering the formulas)

There does not seem to be any other solutions on Google either. Does anyone have any suggestions to get this working please?