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2017-05-11 23:52:21 +0200 commented question Just switching from WORD, I wonder how to set the right margin for a whole document.

different printers have different left right top & bottom maximums. if you share documents with others you will need

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2017-05-10 00:21:24 +0200 commented question No uninstall option

consider using the FREE glary utilities 5. they are better than MS @ removing programs. ken

2017-05-10 00:12:42 +0200 commented answer where can i find text box documentation

on line 5.2.2 documentation makes no reference to text boxes. i did however learn how to restart page numbering. this p

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2017-05-09 03:50:13 +0200 asked a question where can i find text box documentation

where can i find text box documentation i have the 4.2 book but now use is anything newer available? specifica

2017-03-31 23:49:54 +0200 commented question how to remove the diagonal line @ top of page 1

thanks for your efforts but i don't understand either comment. sorry to bother you. ken

2017-03-31 23:44:20 +0200 commented answer how do I change the font in a calc textbox

text boxes are not documented in writer. should i be looking @ calc or word for documentation?

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2017-03-28 03:29:39 +0200 asked a question how to remove the diagonal line @ top of page 1

I've found only 2 ways of removing the above neither of which is viable. 1. delete all text, frames & tables after the 1st page. 2. save as a doc file & then open with LO. i would then have to carefully examine 18+ pages to verify that there are no other changes to the document.

unfortunately i don't know how to attach that file which is important as i have another issue concerning the wrapping of a paragraph which is a split over 2 pages & a frame which is at the top of the 2nd page.

thanks for any help you can provide. ken

2017-03-25 16:27:35 +0200 commented question How can I search for a word with an accented character in Libre Writer?

although not as troublesome as your issue, it would be nice to be able to search for bold ,(double)underlined, italicized characters, & various wingdings & symbol characters in addition to match case.

2017-03-25 16:15:51 +0200 commented question How To Print Text Box Outline

congratulations. you have found documentation of text boxes. please share that info or is it a part of MS WORD or WordPerfect?