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2013-01-17 12:58:13 +0200 answered a question Conditional formatting

Thanks for this reply. In the back of my mind I reckoned it could be done from the days, long ago, when I used Excel, but couldn't work it out on my own. Excellent.

PS This is my first use of AskLiBo so I'm not sure how to register my approval. I've use the tick mark next to my original question so I hope that's the right thing to do.

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2013-01-16 11:48:44 +0200 asked a question Conditional formatting

I want to be able to apply the conditional back ground colour to a another cell but based on the condition in the original cell. Example: in a simple house expenditure spreadsheet I can highlight all cells that have "CR" using the stndard conditional formatting. However I also want the same highlight colour to be applied two columns across which is where the amount would be entered.

Any suggestions?