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Not all requirements are listed in the FAQ · How does karma system work?.

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2014-10-13 01:40:25 +0200 edited question How can I get the gridlines to print on the whole spreadsheet?

When I go to sheet- show grid, it only prints the cells and gridlines with things written in it. I want the whole paper to be gridlines though. And if this is not possible how do I insert a table and get it to print empty of any data inside?

I am trying to print the gridlines on a spreadsheet, but I do not know how to do it. Help

2014-10-07 12:35:27 +0200 answered a question In v English Writer, using Windows 7 Find does not work and Find and Replace gives weird results.

Find & Replace → Other Options → Similarity search

Remove the checkmark ☑ Similarity search (if enabled).


Edit 2014-10-07

Find toolbar

Menu View → Toolbars → Find
Shortcut Ctrl+F

image description


Type the text to search in the current document.
Press Enter to search the text.

2014-10-04 13:02:31 +0200 answered a question Thumbnails abschalten

Menü Extras → Optionen → LibreOffice → Erweitert → Experteneinstellungen...
Referenzname: /org.openoffice.Office.Common/Save/Document
Eigenschaft: GenerateThumbnail
Wert: false (Doppelklick auf "true")
Weitere Details: Is there any way to disable saving thumbnails in odt/ods.

2014-10-04 12:22:18 +0200 commented answer How do I do associate email program to work with Writer ?
2014-10-04 11:53:16 +0200 answered a question how do I move a table?

Please have a look at
How can I move tables in Writer?

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2014-09-13 16:00:00 +0200 commented answer When I attempt to e-mail a document from LibreOffice, I'm told there is no e-mail configuration

That option has never been available for Windows (see also my answer).

2014-09-13 15:50:39 +0200 answered a question When I attempt to e-mail a document from LibreOffice, I'm told there is no e-mail configuration

Please have a look at Send document via email doesn't work.

See also (for e-mail configuration on Windows):
What is Set Program Access and Computer Defaults?.

2014-09-11 12:20:59 +0200 answered a question How do I stop the opening page from displaying recent files
2014-09-09 16:27:51 +0200 commented question Base keeps crashing while making forms

I filed a bug report [fdo#82774]. Robert was looking into it but no success. DierkH is requested to add the info to the report. That might get some additional attention. PChitnis

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2014-09-07 22:03:35 +0200 commented question Spell check is not finding any mispelled words at all

@InalienableWrights – Please have a look at this check list, with regard to your applied language(s).

2014-09-06 13:26:38 +0200 commented question Jump list not working for libreoffice Writer (Windows 8.1).
2014-09-06 12:51:35 +0200 commented answer How To Remove Gray Background From Table Of Contents (Mac User)
2014-09-06 12:50:25 +0200 answered a question How To Remove Gray Background From Table Of Contents (Mac User)

LibreOffice → Preferences → LibreOffice → Appearance

You may modify the color setting in
Text Document
☑ Index and table shadings.

(Or disable: ☐ Index and table shadings.)


2014-09-03 18:19:54 +0200 answered a question What happened to Quickstarter?

See Releases · 4.3.1 · RC2 · Installation:

• quickstarter has been removed for windows

See also: Bug 80927 - Win: crash with Quickstarter enabled
Status: NEW.

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2014-09-01 21:58:32 +0200 commented question change table of content direction
2014-09-01 21:45:13 +0200 answered a question How do I get libre office to remember my place in a document?
2014-09-01 21:31:21 +0200 answered a question Page breaks management?

You may modify the color setting in
...LibreOffice → Appearance → Text Document → Page and column breaks


2014-08-31 14:26:27 +0200 commented question How do I change permissions or assign User Rights in Libreoffice?
2014-08-31 13:56:54 +0200 answered a question Installing LibreOffice shows only optional components and languages...

Please have a look at the answer here.

See also: tagged custom-installation.

2014-08-29 12:42:21 +0200 edited answer How I can delete empty line after table in Writer?

Bug 45784 - Removing empty lines after a table
has been marked as a duplicate of
Bug 60967 - EDITING: Table shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Del ineffective cannot delete following paragraph of a table.

EDIT 2013-05-18/2014-08-29
target: 4.3.0 · 4.2.5 · 4.1.0 · 4.0.4 · 3.6.7

Comment #33 by Michael Stahl 2014-05-02:

"fixed the empty-paragraph case from comment #26.

for the paragraph at end of document case (comment #24 and #30) i've done a bit of testing and found that there are quite a few things that break if the document does not end with a paragraph:

  • Load Styles crashes
  • Insert->Footnote then Insert->Index (in the table cell) crashes
  • Select All has numerous problems (and probably requires a special handling similar to table-at-start-of-document, cf. bug 37606), Select All then Delete will crash too
  • ODF export works but ODF import adds a trailing paragraph
  • Word is apparently unable to end the document with a table, so there's an interop issue
  • save as DOC, reopen with LO the table is gone

so i am resolving this bug as FIXED, please file a new bug for the case at document end."

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