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2013-10-22 16:13:54 +0200 asked a question Link target attribute not applied to links?

When I have a Writer Document and export it as PDF file then there is no reference in the code of the PDF file, which tells if the link has target="_blank" or not but I have set it to this in the Writer when I have created the links.

This question may be possibly answered with: Not possible, is not part of the PDF specification.

2013-10-18 17:03:23 +0200 commented answer Weird SVG bug in Libreoffice

can you provide the link to the bug report so I can take a look at the issue and when it will be fixed? This would be really great.

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2013-10-15 16:18:53 +0200 commented answer Weird SVG bug in Libreoffice

could you or someone else do this? Because I have currently not an account for this and don't know what to write there to describe the problem. But what I do not understand: why are there all these regressions in the latest Libre Office version? 3.6 seems to be stable and has the best SVG support but 4.1/2 seems very unstable, buggy ... =(

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2013-10-14 20:23:17 +0200 asked a question Weird SVG bug in Libreoffice

I am using the original SVG file from

When I insert it into the odt document it looks normal. But when I export it as PDF file, it looks like this:

SVG bug

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2013-02-10 18:55:15 +0200 asked a question SVG embedding not working after Libreoffice upgrade from 3.6 to 4

I used Libreoffice 3.6 to create some documents with some SVG images (insert -> image). When I open now these documents in Libreoffice 4, the SVG images are not shown. Is there some bug in Libreoffice 4? Can you reproduce it?

I also tried to create a new empty document and insert the SVG image but the image still isnt visible after inserting.

I tried to deinstall and reinstall Libreoffice 4, but the images are still not shown and embedded SVG images are just white square / not shown at all ...

This is really annoying, thought 4.0 is final and SVG images dont work anymore? Really embarassing =>

Please fix this as soon as possible =(