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2019-02-11 10:04:20 +0100 answered a question Printout defaults to C5 in Writer (and earlier)

I suspect the paper size is greyed out because that is the size set in the printer settings, NOT in LO. You can check b

2018-09-22 09:42:46 +0100 answered a question turn off automatic spell-check for all documents

disable spell check - Tools|Options|Language settings|Writing Aids|Options - uncheck 'check spelling as you type' disab

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2018-03-18 08:03:59 +0100 commented answer How do I move all of my microsoft files to office libre

Another, and perhaps quicker, way (in Windows 10) is to change the default application for the file type. That will rem

2018-03-01 19:41:35 +0100 commented question Image orientation in labels.

Its actually an Avery 'look-alike' - LC24/E0244. The base template is a Word one from an outfit called Printec. The im

2018-03-01 09:51:58 +0100 asked a question Image orientation in labels.

Label orientation. I have created a sheet of stickers using a standard Avery A4 label template. Some of the sticker ima

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2015-11-02 20:28:25 +0100 answered a question how to increase the font size throughout my entire 200 page document?

Open HELP and select FONTS - you will find guidance there.

Open a text document, choose Tools - Options - LibreOffice Writer - Basic Fonts (Western) Set the font/size you want in the appropriate line; tick 'Current document only'

You can change the font or size for main body and headings this way.

The example below changes the font size to 15 throughout the document althought there may be some elements that need manual intervention.

image description

2015-10-16 05:45:34 +0100 answered a question Why are the font sizes in calc cells massive?

I'm unable to see a screenshot - did you post it?

2015-09-23 05:04:46 +0100 answered a question yosemite, I can't delete hyperlinks

Hover over the link, right click and select 'remove hyperlink' from the drop-down menu.

(Sorry - I am using Windows. I don't know whether my suggestion will work with Yosemite - but give it a go. The commands should be similar.)

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2015-09-23 04:55:23 +0100 answered a question How to change paragraphing to MSWORD like behavior

I think you are referring to the 'space after' setting in paragraph formatting. Go to FORMAT|PARAGRAPH and set an appropriate setting for 'Spacing - Below paragraph'. To avoid having to reset it in every new document, make a new template or adjust the default template.

(You can also get to the 'paragragh' setting by right clicking in the document)

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2015-02-19 20:24:18 +0100 answered a question Can LibreOffice be configured to show filename extensions

Make sure "tips" are enabled. TOOLS/OPTIONS/ LIBREOFFICE/GENERAL - under 'Help', check the Tips box.

When you hover the cursor over an icon on the start screen this should reveal the full path name and file type of the document.

2014-11-07 10:21:25 +0100 answered a question I have just opened LibreOffice Calc, and the spreadsheet appears minimised with Cell DM showing in the top right corner, and perhaps 250 lines, the line entry being unreadable.

Check the Zoom slider in the bottom right corner (Status Bar) - if your zoom % is significantly less than 100% you will see a very large portion of the sheet.

2014-05-31 13:19:07 +0100 answered a question version A text document has some text off the page on the right , how do I fix it?

Leroy Check that the right margin has not been extended to the page edge. A simple check is to look at the page format - go to FORMAT on the menu bar, select PAGE and then change the right margin size to the default of 2.54cm or 1 inch.


You can also check the margin handle in the ruler bar margin handles.jpg but make sure you first select the para or text block that is giving you trouble.

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2014-05-04 02:16:41 +0100 commented answer Odd behaviour with cell references when inserting new columns

Thanks for the suggestions. I have replicated the issue on another machine running Win7 64, and with a completely clean install of on a system running XP that has never had LO loaded. I also replicated the problem on a reversion to

The key is that the column containing the data must be included in the selection - that is, to insert two cols to left of col B, I am selecting A and B then going Insert Left. If I just select A and insert a single col, the data moves to col C and the formula correctly transforms to SUM(C1:C6). I've tried this with data in col G and cols inserted left (including G), with the same outcome.

I'll file a Bug report.

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2014-05-03 05:26:21 +0100 asked a question Odd behaviour with cell references when inserting new columns

I have a col of numbers (say in B1 to B6), which is summed at the bottom - B7 is SUM(B1:B6). Cells in formula are relative. I insert two cols to left of B. I would expect the formula to change to SUM(D1:D6) - but it doesn't. It becomes SUM(B1:D6)

If I make the cell refs absolute - SUM($B$1:$B$6) and insert the new cols, I get SUM($B$1:$D$6).

This is contrary to the guidance given in the Help file (absolute addresses in spreadsheets) - 'After having inserted a new column A, the formula =SUM(A1:B2) will be automatically updated to =SUM(B1:C2).'

This behavior occurs in both column insert and cell insert.

Has anyone experienced this? Is there a solution, or should I file a Bug. Has only been a problem since

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2014-03-04 23:22:42 +0100 asked a question Can I supress the images on the start screen?

The new start screen shows legible images of recent documents. This has privacy implications. Is there any way to suppress the presentation of images so that casual viewers cant see things they shouldn't?

So far the only solution I've come up with is to open individual components of LO separately, rather than use the main 'soffice' executable.

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2013-02-13 05:42:18 +0100 asked a question Unable to make negative numbers in Calc display red

Since upgrading to LO 4 I haven't been able to make negative numbers in calc show red. I can tick the 'Negative numbers red' box in the Format Cells/Numbers dialog, and sometimes the number will show red in the drop down format list. The cell may or may not change colour. If it does, when I save and close the spreadsheet then reopen it, the negative numbers are no longer coloured. Is there any suggestion that might solve this for me?