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2013-04-28 00:08:38 +0200 asked a question Remnants of Copy / Paste Macro


I have a simple macro that copy / pastes some cells and after it completes the selection of cells that were copied remains selected.

Is there some way to deselect with a macro? Just for better visual purposes.

Thank you

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2012-12-08 22:39:10 +0200 commented answer Calc chart "same" value date X axis

the problem was I was using cells that were formated as dates. I switched them to text and it works now. The stupidest little things...

2012-12-07 14:49:36 +0200 answered a question Cannot upgrade to 3.5.7 because LibO_3.5.6_Win_x86_install_multi.msi is missing

why don't you install the latest 3.6.4 since it's already out?

2012-12-07 14:34:27 +0200 commented question Calc chart "same" value date X axis

please help

2012-11-28 12:55:07 +0200 asked a question Calc chart "same" value date X axis


I am trying to do something for work, and I've been getting problems with the chart, actually how it's drawn.

I have X value with a lot of same dates and Y value with numbers

The problem is that I want all the X and Y to draw separate, not multiple dates (X) with multiple numbers (Y).

Is that possible?

Attached the simple calc file so you see what I mean.

EDIT: It works in MS Excel.. should look like this:

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I'll check it out, thank you.

2012-03-05 12:10:09 +0200 commented answer Calc "chart update"

I marked the range on the second sheet... change it, so it works hehe :D thank you

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2012-03-05 10:01:40 +0200 answered a question Tables don't print

The whole tables are missing with the data itself or just the lines and the data is still there?

2012-03-05 09:30:44 +0200 asked a question Calc "chart update"

I have a chart that has a data range of 1000+ columns.

At start all of them are empty. Gradually when we enter data, I would like that the chart is auto updated with just the "available data" and not "available data + all the empty ones as "0"".

I would like to know how I would go about doing that.

EDIT I just saw that the only thing not updating is the X axis. It's not adding the space for new Y values. Sooo... how do I fix this?

Thank you.