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2013-04-04 18:39:05 +0200 answered a question Complex Matrices

Hey marios---

I actually found a nice (but bit unwieldy) way to do one of the things I wanted, which was to compute Probabilities from inner products for an undergrad course in Quantum Mechanics.

For example, a spin-up particle might be represented with the vector (1, 0); spin down with (0, 1).
Then the probability that the first would be measured in the state of the second would be | (1, 0)*^T (0, 1) |^2 = 0.

For my assignment I was working with 3-vectors with complex entries (such as 1 / sqrt(2) * (1, 0, i)), and I wished the general matrix commands could be used to make a table of probabilities quickly. Instead I resorted to implementing a definition formula with the complex sum and product commands.

But similarly, I would like to make a matrix multiplication table, listing all 27 combinations Ax, where the A are matrices such as (0, 0, 0; i, 0, 0; 0, 0, 1) and x vectors such as (1, 0, i).


2013-03-25 04:24:01 +0200 asked a question Complex Matrices

Hey All---

I know that this is easy to do with, e.g., Octave or Sage, but I had wanted to compute some operator equations and was surprised not to find a way to deal with complex matrices in Calc.

Even sumproduct does not work for complex entries. Is there any remedy for this?