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2013-04-11 20:58:50 +0100 answered a question Deleting a page

I had a page template with background template graphics+text. I unwrapped template from page for editing and finally deleted all the content in that unwrapped page. There is no content, but I cannot delete the empty page. I can't find any single hidden character, paragraph, whatever that is still locking the page.

I found nasty way to fix this. Changed odt extension to zip and then I found in the content.xml the following:

<draw:rect text:anchor-type="page" text:anchor-page-number="1" draw:z-index="0" draw:style-name="gr1" draw:text-style-name="P21" svg:width="19.201cm" svg:height="28.54cm" svg:x="0.7cm" svg:y="0.7cm">

which after removal and reverting odt extension fixed my page.

However I wish to know how to fix this by the interface, not a hack like that. If one would like to check, I am attaching the file - test-empty-page.odt.

Brgs Norbert