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The gnome idea was dropped as this could be done in GTK. I posted a drawing of a new UI at . This is a good UI according to me making it more accesible

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GNOME3 extensions are in Javascript using clutter and GJS and St. Just Learn some JS from and install some GNOME extensions and read their source You will automatically understand (Use Fedora for best GNOME3 experience)

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The problem is I am good at html and cant understand much technicalities. But i have good ideas about how the design should look. I am looking for someone who will take forward my idea. I would love to see such a customizable libreoffice

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interested in filing a feature request. But also willing to help

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Can a gnome3 extension be developed with a ms office ribbon like/ a very customizable HTML interface which uses dbus for communication with libreoffice applications ??

It can have a dropdown thing like drop down terminal extension of gnome3, a drop down should open whenever libreoffice is opened.

It can also have tabs using sourcecode from the taskbar gnome3 extension