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2013-07-11 23:31:00 +0200 asked a question TextBox Properties Defaults

Is there a place to set default properties for form control objects such as the textbox (even if it's by editing a file somewhere)?

I occasionally create fill-able PDF forms for work and I always start by creating one textbox, tweak the properties to get it the way I need it, then copy and paste it around my document so I don't have to tweak every textbox.

It would be nice if I could set defaults for controls, especially the textbox. By default the textbox control is set to a font of "Arial, Regular, 12", Background color of "Default", and Border is "3D look".

I'd prefer if I could set the defaults, and I'd like them to be more like most PDF forms I see, and be presented that way during design just like the way you'd see them in a PDF form.

Defaults like:

  • Font: Inherit current font face, weight and size

(this isn't a current option, but it would be nice if this could be one)

  • Background color: Light Gray

  • Border: Without Frame

  • Height: Snap to fit font (Single-line only)

(Again, not a current option but would be nice if the vertical height didn't have to be tweaked at all when the Text type is "Single-line")

If it isn't possible to set properties defaults, I'll find out where to submit an enhancement request for a feature like this.