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2013-08-22 20:44:25 +0200 answered a question Is there a way to share common content across multiple documents?

You can set up each of the main templates as master documents - check out the master document "creating / editing / importing" section in the help. In short, once you have a master document, you can link in content as a "subdocument" which is pretty much what it sounds like: a separate file containing just the content you want to either separate out or share elsewhere.

To create a new subdocument, or link an existing one, use F5 to open the navigator and either create or insert from there. By default, they don't create new pages, although you can use the style system to do that.

You can also do it with fields and mail-merge style processing - e.g. setting up a database connection that will hold the various data. That's probably substantially more effort, though.