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2013-08-31 19:40:06 +0100 answered a question The language "Assami" should read "Assamese"

Thank you. I submitted a bug report: fdo#68795.

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2013-08-31 12:29:16 +0100 asked a question The language "Assami" should read "Assamese"

I downloaded LibreOffice 4.1 yesterday and was surprised to see one mistake in LibreOffice writer. When I began typing in my mother tongue (which is Assamese), the language bar below the writer showed 'Assami'. It is an insult to our language. None of the other indic languages have been named wrong in libreOffice writer. More about Assamese language can be found here: I request your community to correct the mistake in the next version of LibreOffice. The contributors should also be cautious in the future not letting such mistake to creep in such an wonderful software. Thank you.