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2012-04-25 21:46:22 +0100 commented answer Save a chart/graph as image in Calc?

@Pedro Sorry my memory is definitely failing me then! Yeah I guess this must be a 2010 feature... sorry about the confusion.

2012-04-25 21:12:21 +0100 commented answer Save a chart/graph as image in Calc?

@Pedro I can't remember how to do it in 2003 (it has been too long!), but in 2007 you should be able to just right click on a chart, and choose the "Save as Image" option.

2012-04-25 11:32:48 +0100 commented answer Save a chart/graph as image in Calc?

@mikebibo Thanks! I do like that I can at least do all of this within LibreOffice. But this feature should really have been implemented by now! Is there a dedicated feature request page for LibreOffice?

2012-04-25 11:31:38 +0100 commented answer Save a chart/graph as image in Calc?

@Pedro I believe that has been possible since at least M$ Office 2003, if not 2000!

2012-04-25 07:23:33 +0100 asked a question Save a chart/graph as image in Calc?


In Micro$oft Excel, there is an option in the right click menu of a chart to save it as an image. Is there similar functionality in LibreOffice Calc? Right now I have to save my Calc document as *.xls, open it in Excel, then save my chart as an image that way, which is somewhat cumbersome to say the least.


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2012-04-20 18:56:23 +0100 asked a question Two Office Open XML file types in save?


I noticed that there are two formats with the same extension when saving a document in LibreOffice: Office Open XML and Micro$oft Excel/Powerpoint/Word XML.

What is the difference between the two? And what should I consider when saving in these formats?

Thank you!

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2012-04-07 15:55:58 +0100 edited question Make a form that allows drag and drop of images in Base


For one of the tables in my LibreOffice Base database, there is a field for images (my images will be in JPEG format).

I would like to make a form so that it is easy for the database user to add images to an entry when creating it. For instance, after entering the other information for the entry, the user could just drag and drop the desired image into a box, and the relative path to that image will be entered into the appropriate field. As this happens, I also hope the image will appear in the form, as a confirmation to the user that the image is now added.

I know there is a File Picker control, but don't know how to use it. Could it be applied in this case?

When reviewing data in another form, I hope to be able to "flip" through the entries and have each image appear. The images would be retrieved based on the relative path in entry's image field.

Can anyone help with this? Thank you very much.

2012-04-06 16:55:45 +0100 commented answer How do I see if a bug has already been reported?

@manj_k Thank you!

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2012-04-06 08:33:54 +0100 asked a question How do I see if a bug has already been reported?


I am aware of many bugs in LibreOffice, such as incorrect import/export of Micro$oft Office documents, bugs regarding tables in Writer (, poor Impress performance, or no entries in the Recent Documents menu.

Some of this are big bugs! But I have no idea if they have been reported and are being fixed.

How do I find out? Is there a place to search for reported bugs?


2012-04-05 23:53:17 +0100 commented answer Wearisome performance of Impress in Mac OS X

Libreoffice comes with a good presenter screen function. But that is not related to the poor performance I am getting. Any other ideas? Thanks!

2012-04-05 07:54:40 +0100 asked a question Wearisome performance of Impress in Mac OS X

Hope someone can help with this:

I've got the latest Impress running on my MacBook Pro with Mac OS X 10.6.8.

For the past few months I tried really really hard to make all my presentations with Impress. The big problem is that it's performance is the exact opposite of snappy.

After adding images (they are just 500-800kb JPGs) to, say, 20 slides, Impress comes almost to a halt. Things respond 1-2 seconds after the mouse click.

This is especially frustrating when clicking, holding, the dragging, because there is always a 1-2 second lag between each step. For instance, if I click and drag the corner of an image to resize it, the motion is not smooths, but rather occurs in "jumps". Another instance would be when I click on a slide to select/show it in the main window. If I move the mouse cursor away after clicking on a slide, the lag makes Impress think I am dragging and re-ordering the slide! And of course there is a few seconds delay here as well.

So my question is: What's wrong that's making Impress perform so poorly?? My Mac has a Intel Core i7 2.66 gHz CPU, advanced Nvidia graphics, and 8.0 GB of memory, it should be overkill for something like this! I tried tweaking the number of objects kept in memory, size of objects, etc. to no avail.

Is it just because Impress has poor performance? (in which case I think it really need to be improved) Or am I doing something wrong??? M$ PowerPoint and Apple Keynote works beautifully and snappily, but I wish I could use Impress!