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2013-11-02 17:18:34 +0200 answered a question Blank lines between top level list items in nested list.

It gave me some additional knowledge but it's not answer to my question. I'm asking how to add spacing between top-level list items. I was thinking about just adding unnumbered entry at the end of each top-level item, but it does not seems well on semantics, does it?

I wonder why I can't do it on list style level.. Actually the only one solution i can imagine is adding a paragraph style with spacing before to each first sentence of list items (what i call title), and same style but without spacing to first sentence of first list item, because there is no negative spacing below possible to assign to list caption above it. It seems to be only a bit better on semantics (or maybe no?), but a way much complex.

I'm perfectionist and its horrible.. so what solution would you use?

EDIT: Hi oweng, I've been away a few days. Now, when I built longer example for you, i can understand that I used probably totally wrong approach, and I want another one from you. I also have to apologize for my language - I'm not native english speaker. Here are the answers:

  1. Yes, I'm actually trying to use several different styles and objects and associate them all to one list item.
  2. I need a space after each list item not after entire list. BUT I consider that list item is not only first paragraph, but every paragraph till next list item.
  3. Here is a screenshot with non-printing characters. I initially only wanted to add space after And than paragraphs. Now I want a completely different approach, what fits well on semantics and works!

Thank you a lot for your help!

2013-11-02 06:47:39 +0200 asked a question Blank lines between top level list items in nested list.

I have numbered list. Each top level list item consist of elements like title of list item, unnumbered entries, nested bullet lists, pictures, etc. what means that they are long. I want to add blank line after each top level list item (or just between each two consecutive). How to do it in style-based, handy, convenient way?

Or maybe should I use a different approach? This list is preceded by another, one-level list, which has same elements number, and consists only of titles of list items from this list. This list is discussing elements from previous list.

I was thinking about heading, but this would be three-level headings, too detailed, and I rather don't wanna see it in outline/table of contents.