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2013-11-03 21:08:58 +0200 asked a question "General Error" when opening a .odt file

Hi I have trouble opening an .odt file. using libre office writer I have a project that I'm working on in writer on my main pc (ubuntu 13.4) that i save as .odt i moved it to my laptop (ubuntu 13.10 with libre office to continue it. when I was done I moved it back to my main pc. when opening the file again on my main pc i get a error message

"General Error.

General input/output error."

then I try to open it on my laptop again and get this message:

"read error.

Error reading file."

I moved the file all time using a usb thumb drive, and saved the file several time on my laptop to make sure that i had saved the file correctly. there was no trouble opening the file before i tried to move it back to my main pc. I saved the file using "save as" directly on the thumb drive if that makes any difference.

thanks for any help