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I guess it moves me in the right direction and thank you so much for the thoughtful input. What is a Horizotalen? Neve

2020-02-23 03:59:05 +0100 marked best answer Making an event poster and the elements look weird when I sent the ODT file. What's going on?

Ok, so this isn't my first rodeo, but I am not a graphics professional and I run events. I like to design my own advertising: the events posters and postcards. Generally, I use PS Print and they have a graphics layout program that lives on their website - but not, as they informed me - for creating posters!

For that, they advised that I use Adobe. But...I am a student, on a second-hand clone and don't have the cash for all the basic functions from platform to platform seem very similar to me, so I just rolled up my sleeves and launched good 'ol LibreWriter.

Well, all the tools seemed to be there, even though I don't think I am using the graphics end of the suite, per se, it is doing the job. What resulted was an ODT file that looked great, so I sent it to one of our customers (to show it off!) and to my horror, it looks like Shite.

All the formatting is missing and it's just terrible and embarrasing. Plus, I don't think the printer can use this mess either. Please let me know what's gone wrong. I often have to recreate what I have built on other platforms as I learn their capabilities, their limitations and their best applications. It isn't always intuitive but it usually makes sense.

I think I did something wrong which is quite basic and I hope someone here can explain what that was and how to fix it.

Many thanks! I've included the poster as an attachment. Also, if someone out there knows how I can take a screenshot, I can at least let the printer know how I wanted the poster to look and it may help them advise me, as well.

Many Thanks!

Leslie Landberg Oaktown Supperclub Creative Gourmet EventsC:\fakepath\Noel Coward Event Poster.odt

EDIT ebot: taken from Leslie's answer

I am hoping a change of file format to pdf will straighten everything out. I will write back if this resolves the issue. I know the printer (or at least now I recollect) that the printer specified uploading in pdf! Thanks to all. Leslie

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