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2014-01-21 17:47:44 +0200 asked a question How do you import webpages, api calls, rss feeds into Base ?

Hi It seems so simple but I just don't know how it is done.

Any advice would be appreciated.

2014-01-21 17:38:59 +0200 answered a question How to make a DDE link to external market data in ThinkOrSwim

I am interested in doing something similar.

However, you should be aware that what you have described is a custom function in Excel. So the question is did you build the custom function or was it given to you as part of VBA module(macro) or as a Excel Add in by someone else.

I would like to suggest that you change the title of your question so that it will attract better attention and understanding from the forum. Try "How do you create a Web Query in Calc as a custom cell function to fetch data from website?"

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2013-12-25 20:52:05 +0200 answered a question VBA to Libre Basic Project or application

Karolus Thanks for the reply. I understand that this is a difficult task, but I don't understand why there is not an sponsored and official collaborative effort by users or LibreOffice to tackle the problem. 1. A list of all equivalents methods, functions, objects, etc 2. A list of what does not work at all. 3. Examples of work a rounds.

Now even your suggestion for example, where did you find that out ? That seems like a good first step, but how would I have known if you had not told me? I wish The Document Foundation would just simply set a way for people to reach each other and share. It does not make sense that there is no real online place for this.

2013-12-25 06:42:52 +0200 asked a question VBA to Libre Basic Project or application

Hi I'm just wondering if there any effort to help people convert their macros. It would seem like someone could actually write a ....macro to do it.

I feel I might be stating the obvious here. That many people who are not programmer have spent a lot of time and effort with VBA Macro, and that many of them would be easy, grateful and generous converts to Libre Office if there was even a modest effort to help them migrate their macros.

Just saying