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2013-12-30 22:11:28 +0200 commented answer Avery 5160 Label Template Dimensions?

Can I get the measurements you used and version of libre?

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2013-12-30 09:13:27 +0200 asked a question Avery 5160 Label Template Dimensions?

I printed with whatever version libre office was with ubuntu 12.04 precise(version 3.something) and text was overflowing out the second and third columns. Upgraded to and the overflow got a little bit better but still overflows but now the top of the text overflows as well.

Just seeing if anyone has a solution, I'll probably end up downgrading since a few people seem to have figured out dimensions for the older bug:

I might also upgrade to ubuntu 13.10 just to be sure. My upgrade caused xfwm4 to behave a bit odd so I might have dependency issues or something. I got asked for my database password twice when doing New -> Labels. I also got several crashes after doing New -> Labels and clicking Tools.

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2013-12-30 00:56:48 +0200 commented answer How can I create mailing labels from a selective SQL query?

Ok, got it working with a view and I see the API documentation. All is well.

2013-12-30 00:49:21 +0200 commented answer How can I create mailing labels from a selective SQL query?

That's currently what I'm doing and now I'm trying to restrict it to the first 30 rows. I know the labels template and mail merge are making queries somehow, and I'd be fine(prefer) using an API to program these things in directly instead of messing with GUI.

2013-12-29 23:16:50 +0200 asked a question How can I create mailing labels from a selective SQL query?

I can create mailing labels that take SQL table fields and populate a labels template with their values via File -> New -> Templates. The problem is it uses all rows when I want to use a SQL WHERE clause to select only some rows.

Am I supposed to make the query in Base first then pass the data in somehow?