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2020-08-24 13:27:23 +0100 answered a question how to select a textbox that has been sent to the background?

If the text box is not named, what you can do is the same as explained here:

2020-08-24 13:25:39 +0100 commented answer In calc how do i select background object

Thanks, this is the solution!

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2014-01-31 22:44:51 +0100 commented answer Is the bug report interface working correctly?

I tried even with an older one, but got stuck saying "the page is still loading --- please retry after a couple of seconds"or something like that. During half an hour ;-). So well, I resorted to the direct bugzilla interface, which is a bit of a pain... (tried to upvote, but I can't).

2014-01-31 22:21:04 +0100 answered a question Change highlighting in MS Word

It is removable in MS word: the problem is that you should use the Paragraph / shade tool and not the highlight tool to do it.


This is a quite old bug. The main one is here: but It was first reported in 2004: .

I think it could be named the most ancient unresolved problem in LO and previous incarnation.

I have a test file there: , they are three files (the original .ODT, two exported file to .DOC and .DOCX).

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2014-01-31 22:01:47 +0100 asked a question Is the bug report interface working correctly?

I was trying to report a LO -- MS Word interoperability(1) problem on the main site but the bug report interface was giving me this error:


Saying that the version I choose in the dropdown menu is not correct. What am I doing wrong?

(1) Really it is reported since 2004 in , but I was suspecting no one has seen it, and trying to report it again through the LO main site to see if someone can notice it...