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Actually, it is quite easy. Just follow these steps (on the PC version 3.5, at least):

  1. Click on Tools
  2. Click on Customize...
  3. Click on the Keyboard tab at the top
  4. To the RIGHT of the Shortcut Keys box, click on LibreOffice
  5. Below the Shortcut Keys box, find the Functions box, then find and click on Edit
  6. In the next box, the Function box, find and click on Paste Unformatted Text
  7. In the Shortcut Keys box above, find and click once on Ctrl+V
  8. On the RIGHT, click the button titled Modify
  9. Optional: Click the Save... button and save your keyboard configuration so you can import in into another computer or if you reinstall LibreOffice
  10. Click the OK button at the bottom to finish.

That's it! :)

HTH, Robert~