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2014-02-02 08:26:51 +0100 asked a question Where is the 'Table of contents' ability in Draw?

Good Day:

I have used Apache Open Office but have recently migrated to LibreOffice.

In M$ Word as well as in the LibreOffice Writer app I see there is a way to select Table of Contents (TOC) that uses heading paragraph styles to auto-populate a table of contents with a click of a button instead of all the manual work. This is great. However, for some layout projects I have chosen Draw as a more appropriate app to build a project in.

I have searched everywhere to see if I can find a similar TOC feature in Draw like the one in Writer. Does it exist? If not, can it be added in future releases?

Thanks again to everyone that has built this amazing piece of Software. Not only functional but stylish as well.