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2014-02-14 14:31:07 +0100 answered a question Can't see headings

If you have this problem, and your document is not too long, you can try to copy all the text from the document to a clear text editor, and paste it into a clear text editor (to loose the formatting). Then make a new document, and copy the clear text and paste it into Writer. Then you can apply styles.

That worked for me.

2014-02-14 14:29:23 +0100 commented answer Can't see headings

Thanks for your reply. I did as you wrote, and it worked like it normally does - no problems. So I copied all my text from my document to a clear text editor, and made a new document and pasted it in. After that, I could apply styles to my headings!

So obviously, something was wrong in the document I had worked on. But what - I can't tell!

2014-02-14 09:11:51 +0100 asked a question Can't see headings

Using LibreOffice and Mac OS X 10.8.5 I can't see any headings anymore?

Im starting a new document, selecting some text and select "Heading 1" in the Apply Style dropdown box. Something happens, but the text still looks as it did before.

What is happening?