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2014-07-30 15:16:55 +0100 asked a question Form Controls Greyed out

I had a complicated sheet I built in Excel, but some of our people use LibreOffice Calc instead. So I opened the document in Libre and reinserted my VBA, but I had three buttons that I needed to work.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to assign a macro to the buttons. When I went into form controls, all I have available are 'Select, Design Mode, Form, Form Design, More Controls, Wizard On/Off'. All other buttons are greyed out and can't be selected, and I'm not sure why.


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2014-03-17 16:46:10 +0100 asked a question Format not changing for date - help!

Hey, so I have two tables - one for raw data, and another that references the raw data. The problem I'm having is with the date of the Raw Data

It goes into the table like this:


It needs to be outputted at the other table as:


There's a couple problems. First of all, whenever I change the format of the column on either table, it just does nothing. It's like it ignores any changes to formatting I make. Oddly, if I put in a user-defined format, it still does nothing, but it seems to mix everything up. If I put in YY/MM/DD, it says the output will be 03/05/18... which is weird, right? Of course, it still actually does nothing on the table itself - since changing the format in any way seems to do absolutely nothing, and I don't know why.


After I play with it a bit, it sticks ' before the dates. If I erase that ', it suddenly formats it... but I don't know why it's just not formatting it correctly when I insert the data. It's weird.


Yeah, it definitely seems like LibreOffice decides to ignore applying formatting when pasting, which is mildly annoying. When the text is pasted, it needs to be formatted to the column's style..

It may normally do that, but the page is set, for better or worse, to grey out via page break anything that doesn't have data. I don't know how to undo this option - I really wish I did.

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2014-03-10 19:13:32 +0100 commented answer Counting/Restart Count based on another column

That works! Thank you.

2014-03-10 15:26:50 +0100 asked a question Counting/Restart Count based on another column

Hey all! Another question trying to make my life a little easier when converting databases.

Column A is existing information - Column B is the information I need created via formula.

In Column A, I have a series of 1's, then a series of 2's, etc. The number of 1's, 2's, etc can vary on the DB.

I need a formula for column B to number these from 1-x where x is the last before the start of of 2 in A.

For example:












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2014-03-07 21:16:24 +0100 commented answer Copying part of a string after instance of a character

That's good to know as well! Both solutions are very good, and I might use that as well just to take out the extra steps. Thanks! You both have saved me a lot of time. If it gives you an idea, what we had to do before this was copy/paste the appropriate information out of every line. Per project, there could literally be thousands of lines. Thanks!

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2014-03-07 20:22:19 +0100 commented answer Copying part of a string after instance of a character

That works perfectly! Thank you so much! You're a hundred kinds of amazing.

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2014-03-07 17:33:08 +0100 commented answer Some help with a function code

Thank you very much! After a good deal of work, I came up with something similar... Then another guy in the office came up with a brilliant program that does this for all the various damage codes we have. But thank you for confirming! It's a good help to know I did it right.

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2014-03-07 15:57:22 +0100 asked a question Copying part of a string after instance of a character

Pretty simple. As an example:

.\Archive\(20140114) G2-253_G2-252 (Upstream)\(20140114) G2-253_G2-252 (Upstream).mpg

Needs to JUST become: (20140114) G2-253_G2-252 (Upstream).mpg in a different column

Problem : The amount of characters in a string can vary, and is not static.

What I want: I can put thousands of the first example in column A. I want column B to just show everything after the third '\'. Is there a code that will put everything after the third '\' into column B?

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2014-03-06 15:41:09 +0100 asked a question Some help with a function code

Hey everyone. I'm trying to learn how to use LibreOffice a bit better, and also need some coding for something I'm working on.

Basically what I'm hoping for is a...

If a cell in Column A has X in it, then insert "text" with the value of the information in the cell of Column B and C that is in the SAME ROW at specified points...

An example may help:

Right now, it looks like |TBA |2 |4 |

With TBA in column A, 2 in B, and 4 and C.

I want a formula that will see that Column A has TBA, and change it to : Tap Break-in Active from 2 to 4 o'clock.

The value of column B and C changes with every row, so it should only apply to the cell that's in the same row.

If this doesn't make sense, I'll explain more.

2014-02-28 17:48:38 +0100 asked a question Automatically auto-correct after Copy/Paste

Hey everyone. I'm looking for a way to get LibreOffice Calc to autocorrect automatically when copying from one document to another. So far, I've gone into autocorrect options under tools and have input what I want corrected to what, but it does not automatically do this after copying pasting... So here's an example:

I have set in Tools > AutoCorrect a setting of : 'Replace Polyvinyl Chloride' with 'PVC'.

I then have a calc open with a list that has several fields of Polyvinyl Chloride. I highlight them and copy, then paste into another calc fields. What I -want- is for this column to automatically translate Polyvinyl Chloride into PVC. Currently it just keeps it as Polyvinyl Chloride, and only makes the change if I type it in manually.