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2014-03-01 22:14:06 +0200 asked a question Missing Alt + shortcut keys

I'm using LO on Ubuntu 13.10 x64. For some reason I'm not finding the old Alt + shortcut keys available any more. A brief survey of the wiki doesn't turn up a mention of them. I assume they've been deprecated. If so, not cool. I've been using them since 1985, and they make life easier for me.

The behavior I am used to seeing is that you press Alt + one of the initial keys for the menu headings, and the menu drops down. For example, I do a lot of writing, so I go: Alt + I | B | Enter to insert a default page break (Insert | Page Break | Default). What appears to be missing in my build is the ability to open the top-level menus with the keyboard; the Alt + I part of the procedure above. The other shortcuts still work. There does not appear to be an on-off switch for this behavior in the Options menu.

There seems to be a shortcut in the Accessibility menus that will do something similar, but it requires arrowing through the menus from the left. Not interested. I prefer a single keypress.

Is my guess correct, that these shortcuts have been phased out? How do I reinstate them correctly? Is there an add-on that can do the tedious work for me? Anything I'm not seeing here?