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2014-03-11 04:48:43 +0200 answered a question I can not see the images pasted before

Hi there, this is not a definitive answer but it may help...

We in our organisation have noticed that behaviour quite a bit in the past, it appears that LO does not like lots of images in documents and/or it does not like images pasted into documents from the clipboard. When I put images in documents now I always insert them from a file saved on the hard drive rather than copy/pasting from the clipboard. Since doing that I have had less failures to show as you are experiencing.

2014-03-11 04:40:49 +0200 answered a question Why do I see field names instead of the address when I design envelopes?

I'm on Linux so maybe it's different but... I followed the steps as you listed, and chose to insert the envelope into the document rather than to create a new file. When I hit the print icon or choose File > Print I get a dialogue "Your document contains address database fields. Do you want to print a form letter?" I hit yes and then I get the option to choose the records from my database to print. I"m assuming you don't get the dialogue asking if you want to print a form letter?

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2014-03-11 04:12:29 +0200 answered a question Not easy to delete tables/rows in Writer

I'm on Linux and Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Down doesn't work for me out of the box but this does:

Delete Row: Select the row (by whatever means) Ctrl+Shift+Del deletes the row.

Delete Table: Select the table (by whatever means) Ctrl+Shift+Del deletes the table.