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Using LibreOffice Version on Linux Mint 64 bit machine. I recently discovered that certain Calc spreadsheets with a simple page of figures would produce a very much larger PDF file. One of my simple spreadsheets was producing a 1.5MB file from a 22kB ODS or XLS file.

Yet there are no embedded files, and only a subset of Times New Roman and ArialMT fonts. Compression is set to the default 85% JPEG.

After some experimentation I discovered that it was the cell borders that caused the bloating.

A simple one-page test file without cell borders was 31.2kb. The same file with borders set to a 0.05pt line vertically & Horizontally across all cells was 31.6kb. But if I then changed the vertical borders to a dashed line rather than a continuous one, the PDF grew to 103.3kb. If I changed ALL of the cell borders (horizontal and vertical) to a dashed line, ths PDF size blew out to 577kb.

It seems that the dashed line is somehow causing issues. So if anyone is experiencing similar PDF bloat from Calc, check the border formatting in the spreadsheet.