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2015-10-17 04:44:47 +0200 respondió a una pregunta Does LIbre Office 5 have lots of bugs on Ubuntu Linux?

I have been using LO5 since it was available on the ppa.

No issues on 14.04 64bit with Linux 4.2 and 12.04 32bit. Even that stupid crash on LO4 when opening page format seems solved.

Some fonts appear strange, though, but I was not much affected by that.

After these good experiences on Ubuntu I tried to install (update) on Windows 10. Big mess: --> no LO on Windows 10 anymore.

2015-10-17 04:19:03 +0200 respondió a una pregunta Issue with uninstalling and installing 5.0.2

lucky you!

I had less luck: On German Win10 prof 64bit, the uninstall went through, but the install failed with a strange error message that it could not write to its folder in the program files directory. I tried 32bit and 64 bit installer, also administrator, but same problem.

That leaves me without LO, forcing me to use WPS or Softmaker.

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2014-09-08 05:46:08 +0200 comentar pregunta When I highlight a word to delete it leaves double word space

yes, this is not as expected.

2014-09-08 05:31:44 +0200 realizó una pregunta Vertical Alignment in Writer Table

Using a form created in MSO in LO shows vertical alignment problems. The form uses tables, the vertical arrangement in LO is so different that the form cannot be used with LO.

In order to adjust the form to LO I had to turn off the 'snap to text grid' in Format->Paragraph. Unfortunately, this needs to be done for every line seperately, not really convenient.

What does this grid alignment mean, and why it cannot be turned off for the page or document? It says 'if enabled", but where can I disable it?

Now, with LO4.3.1.2 (430m0 Build:2) under Ubuntu 14.04, the text cannot be centered vertically in the cells. However, saving the file as doc, and opening it in LO4.2 (and MSO) under Windows XP, it surprisingly displays ok. Also, Kingsoft WPS under Linux displays that file ok. Seems to be a bug in LO4.3.1.2 ?

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2013-04-06 14:56:09 +0200 respondió a una pregunta Embedded doc file in xls - calc cannot handle correctly

So, to answer my own question: LibreOffice cannot deal with forms made by MSOffice. Because the rendering is a little different, the form will not be displayed correctly. Because protection cannot be lifted, you cannot correct the form (to use it in LO).

That is a limitation in LO (and OO). You will need to use MSOffice or Softmaker in similar cases.

2013-04-06 14:31:16 +0200 comentar respuesta Embedded doc file in xls - calc cannot handle correctly

I dug in further, as it is very uncomfortable to start up an old XP version, just to fill out a form.The problem arises from the different way LO deals with forms

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From SGS I got an xls file with embedded doc as a form to fill out. Unfortunately, calc cannot display the document correctly, some items are missing, the size is also not adjusted. It is not possible to fill in the fields in that embedded protected doc, not even when choosing to edit it. I am using Ubuntu 12.04, but also in the latest LO version for Windows (4.01), this file doesn't work. With Excel (2000) fields can directly be filled in. link: the document in question(http://hny-ltd.com/tmp/2013%20Application%20Form%20for%20CPSR%20&%20TRA%20&%20Cosmetic%20Labeling%20Ingredients%20Review%20-V3.xls)