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2015-02-13 22:55:49 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda Help - Sidebar missing

I found the answer, finally, in this post: http://ask.libreoffice.org/en/questio...

But I am wondering:
Is this the result of me upgrading libreoffice instead of having a fresh install
Does this qualify as a bug? (it seems like it should have been on my menu by default, since it reportedly would be in a fresh install).

thanks, Brett

2015-02-13 21:00:58 +0200 ha posto una domanda Help - Sidebar missing

Any help is appreciated: I closed the sidebar in Writer (OSX 10.9.5, LO 4.4.03), and now I can't find any way to reopen it. Hunted through all the menus/preferences, disabled and re-enabled experimental features. (note: I did have the sidebar enabled as an experimental feature in LO 4.2)

Any idea how I can get it back?

Thanks, Brett

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2012-06-16 09:22:49 +0200 ha posto una domanda Is it possible to open Writer directly on Mac OS X?

Is it possible to open Writer directly (on Mac OS X)? It's not just about the extra step to open Writer from Start Center, which is a minor annoyance, but also that when Writer does open, the screen size/configuration is set to match that of Start Center, and then it requires some fussing around with my mouse to get the windows set in a usable way (I use Navagator which, when opening a blank document, ends up blocking the left half of the Writer window).

Thanks, Brett