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To start, int value input controls - use "Formatted Field" or "Numeric Field" controls, both have properties for Min and Max values. This controls what the user can input in the Form, but not in a Table view window. Depending on the database backend used you can also set this type of check at the databse engine. I'll leave that alone here.

Date fields offer similar options or use the Pattern Field.

For the example above, in a form you will need to use a "Pattern Field" control vs a text field.

So, lets say you created your form with the wizard and it added text field controls with the form opened in design mode you select the control, right mouse click and select "Pattern Field". Now when you open the property manager for the control you will find two new properties, "Edit Mask" and "Literal Mask", these work together allowing you to limit the acceptable input pattern.

The Edit Mask would be "aANNN" and the Literal Mask wold be blank. Additionally you would use the Max Text Length property, set to 5 and the property Enforce Strict, set to TRUE.

Below I've included the old help information for the different mask characters.

Edit mask

By specifying the character code in pattern fields, you can determine what the user can enter in the pattern field. The length of the edit mask determines the number of the possible input positions. If the user enters characters that do not correspond to the edit mask, the input is rejected when the user leaves the field. You can enter the following characters to define the edit mask: Character Meaning L

A text constant. This position cannot be edited. The character is displayed at the corresponding position of the Literal Mask.


The characters a-z and A-Z can be entered. Capital characters are not converted to lowercase characters.


The characters A-Z can be entered. If a lowercase letter is entered, it is automatically converted to a capital letter


The characters a-z, A-Z, and 0-9 can be entered. Capital characters are not converted to lowercase characters.


The characters A-Z and 0-9 can be entered. If a lowercase letter is entered, it is automatically converted to a capital letter


Only the characters 0-9 can be entered.


All printable characters can be entered.


All printable characters can be entered. If ...

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Your right - the search function will always go record by record, and it will always retrieve the data into the actual data control you are searching (though in the background) - this is because search offers the ability to search for items as presented to the end user and offers the ability to search across multiple data fields.

As you found - filtering on the other hand actually generates a select statement in the background and issues that to the database, and is much faster then.

Be aware though that there is one other difference, the result set you are working with does not change with a search but does with a filter. A search changes the record cursor within the current result set, a filter generates a new and different result set.

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Not totally sure I know what you want..but

1 - you can use a form. (have done that many times for folks - just lay the form out in print view mode and then print it, after you open it in data mode)

Maybe I don't understand what you want though?

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Ok - your question is coming at the problem all wrong - at least from the perspective of Base.

First Base is not a database program, it is a tool for building front ends for a database. It has included, unfortunately, a customized version of HSQLdb which allows the database data to be embedded in an ODB (OpenDocument Database Document) file.

When you do this, embed the database in the document, there is no way to access the data from outside of LibreOffice - there is no JDBC or ODBC connector available.

Instead, given what you want to do, you would create your database using some real database package - that could be the standalone version of HSQLdb or SQLite(though it has some issues with Base) or MySQL or Postgres..etc. You would then connect the Base font end to the database and the Excel spreadsheet to the same database using VBA.

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With the native postgreSQL connector the connection string is a little different. It is not a URL at all, but rather just a text string made up of propertyname=value segments, separated by a space.

The required fields (properties) are, database name and host (or hostaddr). If the postgreSQL database is using a non standard port (5432) then that must be included also.

So, if I want to connect to a database, using the default postgres configuration, named postgres on my local machine the simplest connection string would be: dbname=postgres host=localhost

Now let's say that there is an older postgres engine running using the standard 5432 port and I want to connect to a newer one using port 5433, and that I want to connect with my user name db_user, with a password of libreoffice and I don't want to type that password in each time I connect, then the connection string might look like:

dbname=postgres hostaddr= port=5433 user=db_user password=libreoffice

Note that I've used the hostaddr, instead of host here, bypassing any need to do a DNS lookup.

Finally, with the native connector all options in the connection string are accepted - you can find a full list of those here: PostgreSQl 9.1 Docs Just remember that it is propertyName=value separated by spaces in Base.

2012-02-23 20:05:16 +0100 ha risposto a una domanda How can I uninstall the program?

Under windows it is possible that you have the Quickstarter installed - you will find this in your system tray - ensure that this is not loaded (if so right click and exit the quickstarter) - that is the most common reason for this problem.

2012-02-23 18:49:27 +0100 ha risposto a una domanda Can I use Visio VSS stencils in Draw as shapes for diagrams?

Support for Visio file formats is a very recent addition to the LibreOffice package. Initial support, in Version 3.5 just released, includes import of .vsd files - work to support .vss (stencils) is, I believe, ongoing and making quick progress. [Currently not sure if the stencil support is planned for the 3.5.x release, it may be 3.6]

You can find the personal blog for one of the primary developers of the import filter here: Fridrich's Blog

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2012-02-19 06:41:05 +0100 ha risposto a una domanda How do I export a chart in an image format from LibreOffice Calc?

I get the best quality using these steps: Select your chart in Calc - copy it Open (switch) to a Draw file - paste Size the page appropriately - or - size the page for the graphic you want prior to pasting the chart and zoom the chart to fit:)

I also recommend the following extension - Export As Images -- Export all the Impress slides or Draw pages as images of JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF format.