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2015-09-07 06:59:23 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda libre download to iMac won't open?

what is the version of OSX you are running on that mac ?

(very likely you were running mac OSX < 10.8, and you disregarded the pre-req for LibreOffice 4.4+ which is 10.8+ and intel 64bits)

2015-09-06 19:53:54 +0200 ha commentato una risposta Who is the autor of en_GB.dic :

no in French peut-


is a _valid_ césure

but peut-ê-


is not

" the compounded word always remain complete if it is placed at the end of the phrase" that is _not_ a requirement in French; As I said, in French _if_ a word containing a '-' is to be cut it _has_ to be cut at the existing '-' and nowhere else. The rules to cut words are different in different language, so what you propose may be fine in en_GB, but "Please also you can do the same in the "fr.dic" => No.

2015-09-06 19:38:27 +0200 ha commentato una risposta Using OSX system-level shortcuts (specifically Dictionary look-up)? also, How to use a macro to run a script (to interact with another program)?

glad to see that you found a solution that works for your need. reading you topic I thought that the 'default-out-of-the-box' thing was broken, thanks for the clarification.

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2015-09-05 06:42:09 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda Using OSX system-level shortcuts (specifically Dictionary look-up)? also, How to use a macro to run a script (to interact with another program)?

I've just tried on this mac.. <ctrl><command>-D _do_ pop up a dictionary search here, in writer and in calc

2015-09-05 06:28:52 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda Who is the autor of en_GB.dic :

I do not know in English, but in French that would be a mistake see

The rule in French is: In composed words using a '-', the only possible cutting point is the '-' itself, without inserting another one.

for example. http://www.plumefrancaise.fr/fr/c%C3%...

2015-05-12 19:40:32 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda can't download libre office

did you mean 4.4.3 instead ? the current download are either 4.3.7 or 4.4.3

http://download.documentfoundation.or... or http://download.documentfoundation.or...

if for some reason you _really, really_ want to use the older 4.3.4 then https://downloadarchive.documentfound...

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2015-05-12 19:14:36 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda Downloaded and installed update. Cannot open in OSX 10.6.8

Sorry for the inconvenience. 4.4+ require 10.8 or above, the update notification should not have offered you to upgrade. we are working on fixing that. Also note that 4.3.x exist in 64 bits and 32 bits version.. the 64 bits version require 10.8 and above too.

In the mean time the easiest way to 'recover' is to download (maybe you still have it in your 'Download' folder) the latest 4.3.x 32 bits i.e https://www.libreoffice.org/download/...

2015-01-25 03:25:40 +0200 ha commentato una domanda Version Crashes on OSX 10.7.5

bug report like that should really be done in bugzilla ( bugs.libreoffice.org ), where our great QA volunteers are much more likely to notice and triage theses.

2015-01-25 03:19:09 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda What is the risk in an open source project like LibreOffice of a malicious developer adding code that could, say, silently steal data contained in docs/speadsheets?

The main things is that any line of code used to build the product is public and find it's way into the source code repository in a publicly visible way... Random developers can propose code for inclusion via our gerrit code review system, but by definition such system require review by established committer. Adding the kind of code mentioned in the question is likely to raise some eyebrows. An alternative is for that person to invest the time to become such a committer, by doing good, useful work for some time... and then try to sneak in such code by using the ability to push to 'master'. This is also unlikely to go unnoticed, as even these commit get some form of post-commit review (by contrast with gerrit where the review is a-priori) Then of course that malicious patch would have to stay in there for a while, until we branch a new release, then resist the scrutiny of the release-branch stabilization, the marketing effort to review patches to generate the 'new feature' list etc. etc. Developer are also usually more security sensitive than others, so such code is likely to trigger some alarm on their box (by attempting to do thing that are verboten)...

So, there is always a risk, but that approach is very very unlikely to succeed.

Much more sensitive is the security of the binary delivery chain of custody. Most of our users consumes binaries. The real danger is if a malicious actor where to be able to present a tempered binary image as if it was a legitimate one. There are signatures at multiple level to mitigate that, but practically that is a much more likely vector of attack than trying to inject source code.

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2014-04-02 03:10:42 +0200 ha commentato una risposta Donation methods

the 'donation page' you mention is really a download page... it is the page that is displayed while the download is going-on... there is no obligation to donate to download (nor to download to donate for that matter :-) )

If the text itself offend you, you can fairly easily write a little GreaseMonkey script to remove it so it does not display in your web browser

2014-04-02 02:51:35 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda why cant i even start a download? I donated the default amount.

It is worth mentioning that 'donating' is completely independent from 'downloading'. iow there is _NO_ obligation to donate anything in order to be able to download LibreOffice The download is meant to auto start.. but if there is something that prevent it, like NoScript or some other filter there is a link you can click on to manually trigger the download. In any case if that somehow does not work, it is in no way correlated with a 'donation'.

2013-11-06 04:52:40 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda What version of LibreOffice works with Mavericks

yes it does