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2019-10-13 22:25:43 +0100 ha risposto a una domanda Como atualizar para nova versão Catalina no Mac?

Depois de ter baixado o LibreOffice para macOS, você deve clicar duas vezes no arquivo DMG para abrir o instalador e arr

2018-04-05 14:11:18 +0100 ha risposto a una domanda il correttore ortografico automatico non funziona

Il problema si dovrebbe risolvere installando la versione 6.0.3, annunciata oggi. In ogni caso, per il supporto in itali

2017-12-31 00:35:04 +0100 ha risposto a una domanda How many developers are funded to work on LibreOffice?

Providing a number is probably impossible, as there are developers employed to work full time on LibreOffice by several

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2016-03-25 23:55:16 +0100 ha risposto a una domanda I created a LibreOffice text doc and saved it as an MSWord .docx Now 2/3 of the content has disappeared - why & where?

You should always save LibreOffice Writer documents in the native ODT format, which is standard and robust, and use DOCX only to exchange files with MS Office users. DOCX is not a standard format, and is less robust than ODT (there is an independent research from Symantec, a MS partner, which demonstrate with numbers how poor is the DOCX file format in term of security). When you save using DOCX, LibreOffice warns you about the risks of using an inferior file format such as DOCX. The same applies to XLSX and PPTX. Unfortunately, contents are lost, and the culprit is not LibreOffice but the broken DOCX file format.

2014-04-26 19:40:33 +0100 ha commentato una domanda LibreOffice just not saving properly and deleted 1000 words of my dissertation

You should NEVER use a Microsoft file format (DOC or DOCX) to save your work, because they are not dependable at all. You can blame LibreOffice if you save using the appropriate native open document format (ODT). Any other format should be used only for exchanging the documents with other usesr, but not to save the working document.

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2012-05-18 14:36:35 +0100 ha risposto a una domanda Why nobody from LibreOffice answers unanswered questions

We simply cannot check all the channels. I receive between 300 and 600 emails per day, with the lower figure for weekends and holidays, and I simply cannot deal with all of them. A percentage of these is for my daily job, and has a priority (because my daily job is paying my bills). I try to manage emails and blog comments, but I simply cannot manage forums and sites like this one. When there are important questions, it is always better to use the mailing lists, because there is a higher number of people looking at them. Of course, we all know that it would be better to listen all channels in the same way, but we are volunteers and we cannot simply manage everything. We would be happy, though, to increase the number of people able to deal with these channels.

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2012-04-22 22:49:35 +0100 ha risposto a una domanda if I build a line of business app using LO how can distribute it?

LibreOffice licenses (LGPLv3 and MPL) allow to build applications based on the open source code of the office suite. You should get familiar with the licenses in order to understand what you can do in terms of application development, and the obligations that you have based on the copyleft licenses. If you have some doubts, you should get in touch with the developers on the IRC development channel or on the development mailing list. You can also write to legal@documentfoundation.org.