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You are right! It works with the Default style. Thanks!!

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I have a nice writer document with "Right page" and "left page" page styles, and line numbers on both footers. If I insert text in the middle, the page style's flow makes everything get reordered: left page, right page, left page, right page, etc.

Now I want to insert a full page image. I would rather have it in a page without a page number. I can make a new "Image" page style without the footer, but what should I put as a next page sytle? (Organizer -> Next Style).

Thanks in advance,

-- Diego

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I needed to change the margins of all the page styles. But it's ok: next time, I will make hierarchical styles as you say. That will solve this kind of problems in the future. Really good info. Cheers.

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I have 30 files with dictionary-like format:

word: notes about it

another word: notes about it.

I want the part behind the ':' to have a grey background, because it get's lost in all the definitions and paragraphs.

I know how to do it for one file, with the "Alt Find and replace" extension and regexes, but I have 30 of them :/

Does anybody has any idea on how to do something like this? I appreciate pointers to documentation, random ideas... anything.

Tools: I've been using unoconv (a command line tool) to apply a template to the 30 files in batch. I can unzip the ODT file an sed/grep/awk/perl on the xml files.

Thanks in advance!

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2016-11-17 17:32:45 +0100 ha posto una domanda How can I change all images' size in one go?

Hi evrerybody!

I'm using LibreOffice

I have a writer document with about 100 images. I want them to have a width of 100%, preserving the ratio. I would rather not go one by one to change it.

I tried changing the "Graphics" style, but it only updates the image when I select it and doulbe click on the style. I'm using F11 to open the style window. I tried resizing the frame style, but it just... reisized the frame.

I tried using the Alternative Find&Replace extension, and I can change the width and height with it, but I can't preserve the ratio of the images.

I found https://forum.openoffice.org/en/forum... (I supposed OpenOffice is more or less similar), but it didn't worked. Not even those workarounds.

Does anibody knows to change all the images I have? I'm open to editing styles.xml, or any other file. Maybe opening the file and using the "convert" utility (part of ImageMagick) to reize all the images?

Alternative Edit&Replace changes the properties (like FillBackground = False, or Width = 130000). Is there a property like that that would preserve the aspect ratio?

Thanks in advance,

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2016-06-15 19:38:18 +0100 ha posto una domanda Change all styles of a page or paragraph

Hi! I made a writer document full of page and paragraph styles. It's ordered, it looks great, and I'm loving writing with them.

But I forgot to change the margins of all the pages. Do I have to change all styles, one by one, manually?