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2020-09-10 18:17:08 +0200 ha commentato una domanda Base : Comment accéder aux champs d'un sous-formulaire ?

La librairie Access2Base, incluse dans LibreOffice, permet de faire cela aisément. Voir pour un exemple la page (en ang

2019-08-12 16:06:11 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda Base query - need to return data for calender month!

You don't precise which database you are running. If it is the default embedded HSQLDB 1.8, then you can find a user gui

2019-06-14 10:36:16 +0200 ha commentato una risposta Base : colonne calculée

Dans un manuel d'utilisation de HSQLDB ! Voir https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/images/c/c9/Hsqldb_guide.pdf Les fon

2019-06-13 13:54:45 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda Base : colonne calculée

Bonjour, le SQL de HSQLDB comporte une fonction builtin "CAST". Donc, qqch comme UPDATE "table" SET "quantiteN" = CAS

2019-05-09 10:20:13 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda access vers Base

Bonjour. La migration des macros VBA peut être facilitée par la librairie Access2Base présente dans LibreOffice. Docume

2017-12-29 12:01:18 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda In base Convert Query to macro

Hi, to format an SQL statement in Basic, please read THIS. You will see that you might use - only if you're using Acces

2016-11-21 14:34:51 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda Trouble installing Access2base
  1. You should not install anything.
  2. Remove your Access2Base library from "My macros and Dialogs".
  3. Store the DBOpen routine in a module of the Standard library of the Base document. Otherwise the argument ThisDatabaseDocument in the call to OpenConnection() is empty, what is expressed in the error message.

BTW the Install age URL in the Access2Base documentation is http://www.access2base.com/access2bas... (Right click on "Bookmark this link" and copy location at the bottom of any page).


2016-08-22 13:25:53 +0200 ha modificato una domanda How to use DoCmd to open a form Being new to this and coming from MSAccess I was able to do light weight programming in access. Trying to figure out the basics I want to just open a form from a push button using a macro and the DoCmd feature. I have not been able to find simple examples of how to do this. I tried the Access2Base tutorial, openoffice forum and several sample DB's. I just can't find how to do it. Everything I've tried generates errors like this image description As you can see by my REM'd lines, Ive tried several ways with no results. I've crashed Base so many times I'm tired of having to reboot. I know this sounds basic but the irony is not escaping me....Thanks

2016-08-22 13:23:45 +0200 ha commentato una domanda How to use DoCmd to open a form

I suspect there is something lacking in the calls to the Access2Base library. Have you applied what is described in HERE ? Especially the initial call to OpenConnection() to get things right when the database file gets opened (read "Start using the library")?


2016-05-15 19:34:59 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda access2base - FindRecord, only for numbers?

OK. This is now precise enough to diagnose a bug in Access2Base when searching in some circumstances a string in a numeric field. I will provide a correction for LO 5.2. In the meantime try to limit the search of strings to string columns and numbers to numeric fields.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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2016-05-14 11:39:24 +0200 ha commentato una domanda access2base - FindRecord, only for numbers?

2016-05-14 11:36:54 +0200 ha commentato una domanda access2base - FindRecord, only for numbers?

No, FindRecord is not limited to numbers. Strings and dates are allowed as well.

Are you sure that iZoek does not contain Null ? Or that ocControl.Value does return a non-Null value ?


2016-04-12 13:05:46 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda Access2Base DFunctions with Mysql


The correct syntax is indeed:

 S = DLookup("[club_seizoen]", "[vtt_leden].[t_club]", "[club_id]= " & C

It "should" work.

HOWEVER, there is a bug in Access2Base. It does not consider that the


construction is not valid for MySQL. See for instance here for more info.

I will provide a correction of the Access2Base library. It will be included in release LO 5.2.

Sorry for the inconvenience and many thanks to help us making LO even better.

Regards. JPL

2016-02-17 13:13:44 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda access2base: Get value and use it in sql

Look at Use Variables in SQL.


2016-02-06 10:29:23 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda macro for a clean database ending and exit from LibreOffice

What is the code behind ?

call DBClose

If it contains a CloseConnection method, then it should be left out.

I don't know why sometimes the database has to be recovered. Have you setup the database in the so-called "split" mode ? What you can try also: - ensure that all recordsets are closed (CloseAllrecordsets method) - Force a clean shutdown of the database: something like

2015-03-17 10:29:05 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda Base-4.3.6-mac 10.8.5/ refresh subform error 1507

Could you, please, indicate the precise scenario which causes the error message as described ?

Also, why is the form "Form_NewMovie" apparently related to the table "Tab_MovieAuthor" ?



2014-12-10 13:39:23 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda Referential integrity in Base

LO Base is not a database, it is a front-end application giving access to a database. It also provides an embedded database, based on HSQLDB.

If the accessed RDBMS (Relational DB Management System, e.g. HSQLDB) supports referential integrity rules, then Base will respect them.

However, Base does not provide a specific interface to define integrity constraints. They should be entered via an SQL statement. Its syntax could vary depending on the underlying RDBMS. Entering a raw SQL statement can be done from Base.


2014-12-09 13:37:20 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda How could we create a drop down list in Base (not in forms)?

No, it is not possible in Base when viewing a table thru the standard sheet layout.

It is however very easy when using a form and, in that form, a table control.


2014-10-12 19:17:09 +0200 ha commentato una risposta How to read the value of a date field in a base form into macro?

As you can read in the Basic IDE at the top of each Access2Base module, the documentation is available on here.

To initialize the library look in particular at this page.

My intent is once to transfer the Access2Base doc to the LO help wiki. However not before this wiki becomes the master version of all LO help pages, including the off-line help. Not the case yet.


2014-10-10 18:10:05 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda How to read the value of a date field in a base form into macro?

If the Access2Base library is loaded, and if "myForm" and "myDate" are respectively the name of your form and the name of the date field in that form, then next code should do the job:

Dim dDate As Date
     dDate = Forms("myForm").Controls("myDate").Value

Note the use of a Basic field of type Date.


2014-09-29 13:12:39 +0200 ha commentato una risposta How to Use a Variable in an SQL String in the Base Form's Data Tab

100% equivalent but, maybe, a bit more elegant would be:

Sub OpenAddAuthorForm

Dim oF As Object

Set oF = Openform strAddAuthorForm, , , """StoryIDNUM""= '" + intStoryNUM + "'", acFormReadOnly ,

oF.Height = 600

oF.Width = 1000

oF.Controls("fmtStoryIDNUM").value= intStoryNUM


exit sub

end sub

:) JPL

2014-09-27 12:10:42 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda How to Use a Variable in an SQL String in the Base Form's Data Tab

Using a [Basic] Global variable in the SQL statement stored in a Base form is indeed impossible.

The only mean I see is by modifying the original SQL statement of the form by a macro, typically by filtering the data when the form gets opened. As an example, if you use the Access2Base macro library, there exists in the API the OpenForm action which has a Filter argument.


2014-09-19 10:28:29 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda Is there a way to evaluate a function in Calc?

You can try:

  • hit F9 while selecting a portion of your formula in the formula editor
  • use the excellent so-called "function wizard" which is available by pressing one of the buttons located at the left of the formula editor.


2014-09-10 13:18:01 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda How to sum only even or odd rows in Calc?


if A1:A6 is the range where the values to sum up are stored.

If the values are stored horizontally, use COLUMN i.o. ROW.


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2014-06-17 12:54:23 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda Can I use macros in Writer to send form content by email?

If your form is linked to a database, then the Access2Base extension (embedded in LO 4.2 or downloadable from http://extensions.libreoffice.org/ext... )provides a SendObject function that does what you want.

Documentation is on http://www.access2base.com/access2bas...

Maybe you can give it a try. JPL

2014-06-16 17:16:03 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda Tips for displaying or entering calendar based data?

I need a multi-record display but in a form layout (as opposed to a table layout)

This functionality, called "Continuous forms" in MSAccess, is not available in Base. The closest to the layout that you want is to make use of grid controls. F.i. for a weekly timesheet, put each task in a separate row and day-in-the-week as columns. Feasible for displaying the data in a specific week, more difficult to manage for data updates.

Success. JPL

2014-06-16 14:27:33 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda How to access an independent form in access2base

If PAYMENTS and UNASSIGNED_INVOICES are both forms stored in a Base document, they should both be retrievable via the AllForms() collection if the invocation of AllForms() is done from a macro stored in the Base document as well.


2014-06-16 13:29:33 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda What are the differences between forms in Base and forms in Writer?

Hello, I'll try to help you further.

A Base document may contain 1 or more forms. A Writer document may contain 1 or more forms. Even if a Writer form (= shortcut for "a form located in a Writer document") might be derived by "Save As" from a Base form (= shortcut for "... Base ..."), a Writer form and a Base form are totally independent items.

Note that Access2Base has currently next limitation: it does not support more than 1 form in a Writer document. This limitation will disappear with the coming release (1.1.0) included in LO 4.3.

The AllForms() and Forms() collections, referring respectively to all the forms or to all the open forms of a document never merge the forms of a Base document with that of a Writer document. They list the forms of the document where the macro is started from. You cannot refer to a Base form from a macro run from a Writer document.

Finally I confirm that accessing a control stored in a subform from a (main)form requires to use the Form property applied on the subform control to reach the Controls collection of the subform, like in


Let me know if you have more questions. JPL

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2014-05-20 12:39:51 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda object in libreoffice basic

Read next topic: https://forum.openoffice.org/en/forum... BTW, I do not have the same advice as here below ... JPL

2014-05-15 13:40:16 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda Base: Getting DB value into macro variable

I suggest you to have a look at the Access2Base library (included in LO 4.2). It is documented here.

2013-11-15 13:15:04 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda How do I convert an integer type variable to a string with a specified number of leading zeros within a basic macro?
Dim iNumber As Integer, sString As String
      ' Put 10 zeroes if the total length should be = 10
      sString = Right("0000000000" & iNumber, 10)