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2014-01-28 17:42:10 +0200 ha posto una domanda Can't apply page style for footnotes

I'm using LibreOffice on Ubuntu. I wanted to fix the footnotes on a large existing Document (created with OOo). Some of the footnote sections have thicker separator lines and different margins to the text.

I'm not sure what the difference between the page styles "Footnote" and "Default" are, since I entered the same settings on the "Footnote" tab (F11 -> Page Styles -> Right Click modify) [EDIT: OK, I found out. My Footnote Style doesn't include the Footer with the page field... So basically, I want to use the style Default - and I'd like it to be actually applied]

Applying these has some peculiar effects - that might be a bug. I select the footnote area on a page, double click on the page style and now sometimes the footnotes move to the next side (something seems to change in size). An example: I have Footnotes on page 1 and 3. On p3, the separator is thick and the margins different. I apply the other style (default vs. footnote) and some Footnotes from p1 jump to p2. p1 and p3 look fine, p2 now has a thick separator...

Different approach: I click into the footnote area, right click and select "Page" to format the page independently. It shows me the right settings, but the Text cleary doesn't follow (0.25mm bar, but I see a thick 0.5mm bar). I click OK nothing happens. I click "apply" and ... it updates the settings to "Space to text: -6mm", "Space to footer... -4.99mm". Yeah. Right...

Any Ideas on how I can my the applied style ACTUALLY apply?

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Well, her supervisor didn't say anything and I suppose she also doesn't know much about the tools :P So, it seems like there is not real way to fix this... I will check out Zotero, but now that I have seen the amount of works cited and the time left, I think I'll have to leave it at that...

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2014-01-26 16:36:01 +0200 ha posto una domanda Can LibreOffice create a bibliography from hand-written entries?

I wanted to help my girlfriend format her thesis. Unfortunately, she simply wrote out her bibliography and so you have to keep the references and order right all by manually.

Is there a way to import/convert this to in-document bibliography entries or entries in the bibliography database. So that I can simply generate and automatic bibliography?

At first, I thought I could simply parse the text into a bibtex format. But I don't see a way to import bibtex into LibreOffice.