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2018-03-08 01:46:42 +0200 質問に回答する trend line over multiple scatter plots

Your Brute Force graph has six data series. You can insert a trend line for each series individually. But your X ranges

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2017-09-20 22:10:57 +0200 質問に回答する Filter by year of date older than 70 years

If you are using the built in HSQLDB then try; SELECT * FROM tblPeople WHERE YEAR(TODAY) - YEAR(tblPeople.birth) - 70

2017-06-12 18:26:35 +0200 コメント付き回答 how do i copy paragraph formats?

Does your source paragraph have its own style? Perhaps the background color was applied by direct formatting or as a cha

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2017-02-07 15:47:26 +0200 コメント付き回答 hsqldb version

This link still works: https://forum.openoffice.org/en/forum...

But if it doesn't, it says: Create a new database with LibreOffice, save it, and close it. Rename the file extension from ODB to ZIP. Expand the ZIP file:

Look in database/properties.

2017-02-03 16:55:24 +0200 質問に回答する How do I change to font size of the actual footnote numbers within the text area/body of the text?

Formatting of footnote anchors is controlled by the character style 'Footnote Anchor.' That style did not show on in the Styles and Formatting list as an applied style even though I had footnote anchors in the text. It did appear when I selected All Styles or Hierarchical styles. I could then modify the Footnote Anchor style to set superscript, normal or subscript position and relative text size of the footnote anchor.

2017-01-07 17:13:34 +0200 質問に回答する Hide numbers/letters from edge of page when printing (calc)

If you mean the column and row headers; A, B, C, 1, 2, 3, then on the top menu navigate to Format/Page then on the Sheet tab remove the check for Print Column and row headers.

If you mean the printout header and footer, e.g. Sheet1, Page 1, then on the top menu navigate to Format/Page then choose the Header or Footer tab and remove the check for the Header or Footer on box.

If you want to turn on or off these features only for some sheets then you can do this by creating custom page styles.

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2016-12-25 20:09:09 +0200 質問に回答する How can I insert images into a word report template that already includes boxes for the images

First, determine if you are dealing with a Frame. Can you select the edge of the box by clicking on it? If you can and the resize handles are green, then it's probably a frame. If the resize handles are blue then it may be a drawing object. If you can't select the box then it may be borders around a paragraph.

If it is a Frame then with the frame selected, right-click to bring up a context menu. The last menu item will be Object (unless you have an older version of LibreOffice. In that case choose the Frame option on the context menu).

In the Frame dialog box choose the Options tab. The Name of the frame will probably be something like Frame1. Still on this Options tab, put a check the Size box. then select the Type tab and uncheck the Autosize box. These will protect the box from resizing to fit the contents. You can verify this by closing the dialog and trying to resize the Frame.

To add an image inside the frame, de-select the frame by clicking somewhere else, then click inside the frame. The text cursor will appear there. You can now use the top menu to insert an image. Navigate to your image and click Open.

Your image may not fit inside the box. You can resize the image manually or right-click on the image and choose Properties (or Picture in older LibreOffice). At the Type tab be sure the Keep ratio box is checked to prevent distortion of your image.

If your image is too long to fit in the frame, then put a check in the Size section under Height (relative to Paragraph area). The height will be set to 100% (of the Frame height). You can adjust this if you want the image smaller. Then click OK.

If this works for you, the you might want to make the changes to protect the Frame size in your template document so you won't have to repeat all this each time.

2016-12-08 18:38:30 +0200 質問に回答する printing labels

That's normal. Use File/Print and choose Yes to the print form letter question. This opens a dialog where you can choose which records to include and where the output goes (printer or file)

Select the records to print (all, selected or range). Hint: print to File to save paper until you are satisfied with the output.

Don't forget to save the label document so you don't have to recreate it each time. Next time you want to print labels just open the label document and print it with your selected options.

2016-11-13 21:59:28 +0200 質問に回答する Can I print without view print properties ?

You can do this with a macro. You can assign the macro to a button or to a menu entry. The following macro works for me.

sub PrintCopy
rem Prints a copy to default printer
rem Note: print whole spreadsheet and print duplex are set other places
rem the print ranges are set by Format/Print Ranges/Define (see print ranges help)
rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------
dim document   as object
dim dispatcher as object
rem get access to the document
document   = ThisComponent.CurrentController.Frame
dispatcher = createUnoService("com.sun.star.frame.DispatchHelper")

dim args1(0) as new com.sun.star.beans.PropertyValue
args1(0).Name = "Printer"
dispatcher.executeDispatch(document, ".uno:Printer", "", 0, args1())

dim args2(1) as new com.sun.star.beans.PropertyValue
args2(0).Name = "Copies"
args2(0).Value = 1
args2(1).Name = "Collate"
args2(1).Value = true
dispatcher.executeDispatch(document, ".uno:Print", "", 0, args2())
end sub
2016-08-24 22:25:49 +0200 質問に回答する how to loop through csv file and delete rows that contain X

Sort the table on column N. This will group all the cells where N starts with X. You can then select and delete them. If you want to preserve the order of the other cells, insert a column of sequential numbers before doing the first sort. After the deletion, sort on the sequential number column to restore the original order.

2016-06-08 21:59:42 +0200 質問に回答する Dynamic charts

One way to do this is with Autofilter. Construct your graph to include all of your exercises. Add a column heading to the exercise column, select it, then choose Data/Autofilter. Activate the pull down in the Exercise column and un-check the All box. Then select the exercise(s) to be displayed on the graph. Only the selected exercises will be displayed.

2016-06-08 21:29:55 +0200 質問に回答する Calc: formatting data points in diagram

There are a lot of options for the data point icons. With the graph selected, right-click on a data point and choose Format Data Series. With the Line tab selected, check out the options on the Icon pull-down list. A filled black square is in the Symbols set. I didn't find an open diamond symbol, but I made one and saved it to disk, then used the Icon dialog to select it. You can use many image types for the icons, for example, .gif, .svg, .png, .jpg.

2016-06-03 17:36:00 +0200 質問に回答する Window option to freeze pane or split pane is not available

In older versions of LibreOffice calc the split/freeze commands were under the Window menu item. In newer versions the split/freeze commands are under the View menu item.

2016-04-20 22:24:30 +0200 質問に回答する In using asterisk in knitting instructions results in eliminating the first asterisk and making the entry bold

Two methods: On the main menu Tools/Autocorrect. Uncheck the box While Typing. or Tools/Autocorrect/Autocorrect Options. Open the Options tab and uncheck the [T] (while typing) box for Automatic bold and _underline_.

2016-04-20 16:13:13 +0200 質問に回答する how do i copy paragraph formats?

Help: "Copy Formatting with the Clone Formatting Tool"
The clone formatting tool is the paintbrush. image description With the cursor in the source paragraph, click the paintbrush button. Move the cursor to the target paragraph, hold down the Ctrl key then click the mouse. The Ctrl key triggers copying the paragraph format not just the character format.

2016-04-01 01:47:04 +0200 コメント付き回答 I cannot type "01:10:", "01:11:" or "01:12:"

In Tools/AutoCorrect the strings :10:, :11:, :12: are replaced by a character or character that I cannot read. It also happens with the strings :1:, :2:, etc. A work around is to hit Ctrl-Z as soon as the unwanted replacement happens. A permanent solution is to delete those unwanted replacements in the AutoCorrect Replace table.

2016-03-21 20:16:53 +0200 質問に回答する LibreOffice Calc Pivot Tables

The pivot table create function is now under the Insert menu item. Once the pivot table is created and selected the Data/Refresh or Delete commands become active.

It looks like the Help entry for Creating Pivot Tables is a bit behind the curve.

2016-03-13 13:36:09 +0200 質問に回答する Copy a table cell and the cell background color

That's the way Libreoffice works for me. But if I Copy then Paste Special I can choose to copy Formats as well as cell contents. Ctrl-C then Ctrl-Shift-V also brings up the Paste Special dialog where I can make the same Formats selection.

Things have changed in Libreoffice Now Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V or Copy, Paste copies the cell contents and format by default. If I Copy then Paste Special I have the option to include or exclude cell formats as part of the operation.

2016-03-09 21:55:48 +0200 コメント付き質問 When I downloaded LibreOffice 5.0 it didn't inclue Base. How do I get it?

Are you using Ubuntu? Base used to be a separate install on Ubuntu. link text

2016-02-18 17:03:21 +0200 質問に回答する ADDRESS result isn't accepted as parameter

The function ADDRESS() returns a text representation of the cell address. That doesn't work for the OFFSET function, hence the 504 parameter list error. You could use the INDIRECT function to convert the text version of the address to a usable one, i.e.


but why not simplify and use

2016-02-03 22:47:45 +0200 質問に回答する I have Microsoft Works database. I have just downloaded LibreOffice and want to transfer my database material to its Database. Is it possible to do this, please? Or do I have to re-enter the data bit by bit i.e. start afresh on LibreOffice?

Here's a link to a description of how to import a calc sheet to base, Import to base

Or do a web search for "libreoffice use calc sheet as base table" to find other examples.

Or you can use a calc sheet as a registered data source for base, See this

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2015-11-26 16:13:17 +0200 質問に回答する Problem Filtering out Duplicates

I think this will work.

Select the cells only in your ID column. Choose Data/Filter/Standard Filter Filter selection criteria Column = . ( a single period) Options checked: Regular expression, No Duplications Click OK This only hides the duplicate cells. Select the whole block and copy/save to another location to remove the hidden cells.

2015-11-11 16:08:26 +0200 質問に回答する How to edit the text range a comment is linked to?

It may be easiest to delete and re-add the comment with the range you want. You can copy the comment text and then paste it to the new comment.

Another method is to save the document as an .fodt (plain text format). Open that .fodt file in a plain text editor, search for the <office:annotation-end ...=""/> tag and move that to the desired location.

2015-11-11 15:52:53 +0200 質問に回答する how do i change the color of just one word in impress?

There does not seem to be a character formatting style option as with writer, but I found a way. Select the word (double-click). Ensure that the Text Formatting toolbar is visible (mine came up automatically when I double-clicked.) Use the Font Color icon to choose your color.

2015-10-30 20:20:31 +0200 質問に回答する Using find & replace with search string $ finds paragraph, but using $$ doesn't find an empty paragraph

With Regular expressions checked, search for ^$. Replace with -nothing-.

2015-09-30 17:01:05 +0200 質問に回答する Create a catalogue from a Base database (using merge in Writer)

You might try inserting a table instead of using mail merge.

In your writer document, View/Data Sources (F4). Navigate to your (registered) database and click on the table, query or view to be inserted. Drag the item into your document (or right-click on the item and copy then paste in the document). You will get an Insert Database Columns dialog. Choose to insert a table, choose the fields to insert and set other table properties.

2015-09-21 00:13:19 +0200 質問に回答する How to change the default font in LibreOffice Base Form Wizard?

I don't know how to change the default font but this link shows how to change the font of a bunch of controls at once.


Open the form for editing.
Open the Form Navigator.
Select multiple form controls and/or labels by holding down the control key and clicking the items in the Form Navigator.
Right-click a selected item in the Form Navigator and choose Properties.
Select the button to the right of the Font field in the Properties dialog.
Make your font and font effects selections and choose OK.
Save the form and the database.

In doing these edits I did have crashes for reasons I can't pin down.

2015-08-17 18:55:30 +0200 コメント付き回答 Text link to a paragraph

This particular bug is 86845.

2015-08-17 14:51:21 +0200 コメント付き回答 Text link to a paragraph

I confirm this in Libreoffice and When Document is selected as the hyperlink destination in the Hyperlink dialog, the Text box in Further Settings is blanked. In Libreoffice the selected text is kept in the Text box and is used as the hyperlink text. I'd call the new behavior a bug.

A work around is to copy the hyperlink text and paste it into the Hyperlink Further Settings Text box.

2015-05-28 23:03:25 +0200 質問に回答する How to change print page size (page setup)

I can't test on a Mac, but on both Linux and Windows the print dialog Options tab has a check box for "Use only paper size from printer preferences" that probably does what you want.

2015-04-04 21:18:02 +0200 質問に回答する How Do I average rows?

The column width may be too small for the size of the answer. Try widening the column or changing the format to reduce the number of decimals displayed.

2015-03-29 21:15:39 +0200 質問に回答する I would like to make changes to text in an existing footer

I think you may be trying to edit the footer by repeating the command to insert a footer (Insert/Footer). If a footer exists the Default Style pop-out from the Insert/Footer menu has a check box and clicking on the Default Style does offer to delete the footer.

If you want to edit the footer contents, just move to the footer and edit it. No menu command needed.

If you want to change the style of the footer, you can do that directly or you can edit the footer style in the Styles and Formatting dialog (F11).