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2013-02-14 08:08:19 +0200 コメント付き回答 pdf security permission valid only for windows

it's not LibreOffice's fault. Sorry for false alarm. It seems aforementioned pdf reader only takes into account user password (for opening document) but disregards all permissions. This raises important question: what's the point of setting pdf permissions when they can be trivially bypassed?

2013-02-14 08:01:13 +0200 コメント付き回答 pdf security permission valid only for windows

Excellent point @qubit! Never thought this could be the case, that a well-known often default pdf reader (although I don't know exactly which one OP used) is designed to bypass security permissions, but after testing it with documents created with other apps eg. pdftk it is obvious that [continued]

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2012-11-27 06:50:53 +0200 コメント付き回答 I have some old Star Office Writer files, extension .sdw. I could open them in OpenOffice. Is it possible to open them in LibreOffice?

Install package libreoffice-filter-binfilter

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2012-07-02 13:34:29 +0200 質問に回答する Links in LibreOffice

When you create table of contents links are automatically added to it, just hold Ctrl while clicking on some title and it will take you to its location.

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2012-07-02 06:46:11 +0200 コメント付き回答 Highlighted black spaces?

That's it. Thanks!

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2012-07-01 23:51:51 +0200 質問をする Highlighted black spaces?

I've noticed strange characters appearing in Writer documents that look like spaces higlighted black. They look just as regular spaces when seen in Page Preview, as opposed to the ones you would higlight manually which would show black in preview too.

They appeared several times, for instance, after copying text from web browser into Writer.

Anyone knows what they are and how to possibly prevent them from showing or is it a bug?

EDIT: Thanks to @manj_k the solution is pinpointed. I looked up some additional info about non-breaking spaces:

It's Unicode value is U+00A0 and it can be searched for in a document using \x00A0 provided regular expresions are enabled.

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2012-06-07 20:08:04 +0200 質問に回答する How to invoke LibreOffice 3.5 in GUI mode using xming?

soffice is shell script used to invoke LibreOffice and if you need to start specific application add --appname as an option, eg. soffice --writer

It is more usual now to invoke LO with libreoffice command which is just symbolic link pointing to soffice. There are also loffice, lowriter etc. scripts that ultimately call soffice too.

To find the location of any GNU/Linux program from terminal, type whereis program, eg. whereis soffice.

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2012-06-06 09:00:13 +0200 質問に回答する The layout for LibreOffice in Linux looks strange.

Changing KDE system theme might help → Kubuntu tutorial.

You can also use different GUI toolkit, take a look at this question.

To set variable, open terminal and type



export OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP=gnome



to start LibreOffice with new environment variable value.

For this to work, you would have to install GNOME/GTK libraries.

This will change appearance for one terminal session only and if you want it to be permanent, without also having to use terminal, put just variable=value pair without export command in /etc/environment (edit it as root).

2012-06-06 08:36:47 +0200 質問に回答する add voice narration to slide show?

Record one sound file for each slide using some external program.

Then in LibreOffice Impress go to Slide Show → Slide Transition and for chosen transition method, by default No Transition which means nothing happens visibly, from Sound drop-down box select Other Sound..., locate recorded sound file for current slide and click Open. Do this for every slide you want to have narration.

After you set up your presentation you can see how it will behave in real-time and practice using Slide Show → Rehearse Timings.

2012-06-04 22:30:11 +0200 質問に回答する Footnotes: How to get NOT superscripted numbers in the footnote area?

To change the style of footnote numbering in footnote area, select which one you want to use (Footnote Characters by default) in Tools → Footnotes/Endnotes → Footnotes tab → Character styles → Footnote area.

Then edit that style to match your needs by going to Format → Styles and Formatting → Character styles (second icon from the left at the top), right-click previously selected style and select Modify. In the Position tab, under Position section you can choose between Superscript, Normal and Subscript.

2012-06-04 00:16:21 +0200 質問に回答する Choose GUI toolkit for LO session

SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN environment variable with values

  • gtk, gtk2, gtk3 (GNOME)
  • kde, kde4 (KDE)
  • gen (generic ie. X11)

If some of the plugins don't work, activate experimental features in Tools → Options → LibreOffice → General → Enable experimental (unstable features).

There is also OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP variable which implicitly sets corresponding VCL plugin

  • gnome (for GNOME)
  • kde (for KDE)
  • none (for other desktop environments)
2012-05-30 23:15:25 +0200 質問に回答する Unwanted digits added to Heading 1, 2, or 3 of Writer document

Go to Tools → Outline Numbering → Numbering tab and set Number field to None. Do this for individual levels or if you want to apply it to all at once, select 1-10 level from the box on the left.

2012-05-30 19:16:55 +0200 質問に回答する Electrical and Fluid Schematic Palettes/Templates

There is freie Schaltzeichen OpenOffice extension, works in LibreOffice too, that adds couple of hundred circuit diagrams symbols.

It is hosted on reputable Google Code.

The project's website is in German. Download the english version 1.3 of extension from here, although german one is newer being 1.4 and can be downloaded following this link.

Install it in LibreOffice by going to Tools → Extension Manager → Add and opening downloaded file.

After installation, for optimal results it is advised to set following options in Draw located under Tools → Options → LibreOffice Draw → Grid:

  • Horizontal and Vertical Resolution to 0,25 cm
  • Horizontal and Vertical Subdivision to 1 space

New symbols can be accessed from appropriate themes in Tools → Gallery.

2012-05-29 15:24:41 +0200 コメント付き回答 Switching to browser through hyperlink

Since it doesn't work as intended in certain cases, it may qualify as bug.

2012-05-28 20:04:25 +0200 質問に回答する Garbage at end of edited line in Writer

Until that bug is fixed try resolving the problem by turning off Tools → Options → LibreOffice → View → Use hardware acceleration.

2012-05-28 19:59:38 +0200 コメント付き質問 Transitions not working on conversion from .pptx to Impress

Maybe it is under Help → Send Feedback but anyway that's just a link to LibreOffice Bugzilla.