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2017-10-19 15:10:33 +0200 reageerde op een vraag Slow version Calc

Hi! Yeah, I know it's not sufficient info ... if only you could guide me on how to obtain some logs, I'll be glad to do

2017-10-19 14:37:05 +0200 stelde een vraag Slow version Calc

Slow version Calc Hi, Not much info so far and really do not know how to gather logs (or something) to share, i

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2016-05-24 15:38:32 +0200 reageerde op een antwoord possible bug in libreoffice with pivot tables

Hi! So I've found what's causing the issue: it's the package libreoffice-gtk3. I've I enable it then the reported issue appears. But if I disable it I start experiencing another issue which is a bug that I've reported already to Cheers!

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2016-05-21 18:34:54 +0200 stelde een vraag Areas of display not being refreshed


I was experiencing some problems while editing the layout of pivot tables [1] with LO (the default that comes with Ubuntu 16.04) and so decided to reinstall it. The problem is now gone.

However I'm experiencing a weird one now with the refreshing of some areas of the working window. For example, in Calc, whenever moving across cells the range field does not refresh at all:

image description

In Writer, when selecting different types of text (font, size, etc) the commands on the menu experience the same annoying issue:

image description

Would it be something with the configuration? I tried to enable/disable hardware acceleration but nothing changed. When trying to enable OpenGL, LO crashes. This is my actual config:

image description

Any hint is appreciated!



[1] -

2016-05-21 18:25:35 +0200 reageerde op een antwoord possible bug in libreoffice with pivot tables

So, I've followed your idea: I've reinstalled LO that comes with Ubuntu and now the problem is gone. I can now edit the layout of pivot-tables anyway I want. It's weird.

However I'm now experiencing something new with the display: same areas of the working window are not being refreshed. For example, when selecting several cells in Calc, on the top-left where ranges are shown, all the chars get scrambled and you can no longer distinguish what's in there. I'll put a new topic with this. Thanks!

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2016-05-20 20:48:51 +0200 stelde een vraag possible bug in libreoffice with pivot tables

Hi All, I'm struggling to create and work with pivot tables in LO

When ever I create a pivot table (Insert -> Pivot Table) I can not then drag and drop the fields when trying to edit the layout.

It's impossible to achieve it.

I'm using LO that came with Ubuntu 16.04.

lucas@test:~$ apt-cache policy libreoffice
  Installed: (none)
  Candidate: 1:5.1.2-0ubuntu1
  Version table:
     1:5.1.2-0ubuntu1 500
        500 xenial/universe amd64 Packages

lucas@test:~$ lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID:    Ubuntu
Description:    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Release:    16.04
Codename:    xenial

Is anyone else experiencing this? I've read this [1] already mentioning the bug, but it seems it has not yet been solved.... :-(



[1] -