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2021-01-19 15:19:52 +0100 reageerde op een vraag Version 7.0.3 announced, while version 7.0.4 available

That there is a notification is what really matters, the version string is informational, see more verbose answer as a a

2021-01-19 15:18:35 +0100 beantwoorde een vraag Version 7.0.3 announced, while version 7.0.4 available

It was a simple typo when updating the server-side part of the update-check. While the hash of the new release was updat

2020-12-14 14:51:47 +0100 beantwoorde een vraag Libreoffice packaged with malware(and virus), Wrong Checksum value and virus total warning in libreoffice downloaded from Official Download link and official default server. Any solution to remove malware.

To clarify the situation: TDF runs a download-distribution tool called mirrorbrain. That has a list of known mirrors and

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2018-05-29 20:11:47 +0100 beantwoorde een vraag Decimal precision - how to have 18 decimals?

You can't. LibreOffice uses IEEE 754 representation of the numbers, and that just doesn't offer that level of precision.

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2018-02-19 15:48:02 +0100 beantwoorde een vraag Where can I find a nice Libreoffice desktop icon? Not so fond of the stock grey one.

You can use the individual component's icons…

2018-02-17 11:29:58 +0100 beantwoorde een vraag Double-clicking a file results in LO crashing

Update to 6.0.1 - the bug was fixed already. see (and other

2018-02-16 20:27:43 +0100 reageerde op een vraag Keine Integration mit Anwaltssoftware seit 6.0 mehr möglich?

Gibt es hier jemanden, der zu diesem Thema etwas sagen kann? ganz glar die Macher von Advolux. Deren Post ist viel zu v

2017-08-22 16:28:14 +0100 reageerde op een vraag Converting to csv using libreoffice

See fore more details

2017-08-22 16:23:11 +0100 reageerde op een vraag Convert-to from csv to ods and viceversa

FYI: I merged a question re saving as xls from csv to this one, so don't be suprised that some of the answeres refer to

2017-08-22 16:21:30 +0100 bewerkte een antwoord Convert-to from csv to ods and viceversa

Open the csv file (rename it to fred.csv if necessary). Choose the semi-colon separator. NEVER save as a csv file or a

2017-08-22 16:21:30 +0100 bewerkte een vraag Convert-to from csv to ods and viceversa

Convert-to from csv to ods and viceversa I have this problem. A ".csv" file where delimiter is tab and content is a "Lit

2017-08-17 17:17:43 +0100 bewerkte een vraag Changing Text to numbers

Changing Text to numbers I am new to Libre Office and am trying to import a csv file into a spreadsheet. Once imported,

2017-02-02 11:45:53 +0100 beantwoorde een vraag Please add separate monitoring for IPv4 and IPv6

It's a limitation of the download manager TDF uses (mirrorbrain) - it doesn't have a flag that would offer this. see also

TDF could only work around it, but question is whether it is worth the maintenance burden (would need to maintain two separate mirrorbrain instances for that)

2017-01-16 16:39:10 +0100 bewerkte een antwoord Can I supress the images on the start screen?

No, there isn't any option for suppressing the view of the recently-opened documents on the start screen.
See also: Can the new Start Screen in v4.2 be reverted to that in v4.1?

A request for enhancement on Bugzilla:
Bug 74834 - CONFIGURATION: Option to disable documents thumbnails on the New Start Screen
Status: FIXED

Update 2017-01-16

In LibreOffice 5.2 or later you can use Tools|Options → LibreOffice → Advanced → Open Expert Configuration to switch thumbnail mode. Search for RecentDocsThumbnail property and toggle the value to false.

See below for the initial answer with alternative ways and workaround for older versions of LibreOffice.

A workaround with password protection (see fdo#74844, comment #1):

...if you add a password to the file you want to protect your data, only the icon of the file will appear and no data will be shown.


[2014-07-29] Doesn't work with LibO 4.3.0, see Bug 80755 - Startcenter showing password protected file.

If you do not need the list of the Recent Documents:
You may install the extension History Master. There you can set the list size
of the Recent Documents (PickList) to zero:


Then the start screen will be shown as follows:


Update 2014-05-20

A new feature in LibreOffice 4.3.0: Selectively delete Recent Documents.
See also: Removing files from the recent documents list.

image description

Update 2014-07-09

@Nars has provided a workaround that doesn't affect the list of the Recent Documents:


You can customize the background color via menu
Tools → Options... → LibreOffice → Appearance → General → Application background.

2017-01-11 13:17:41 +0100 bewerkte een vraag LibreOffice Calc - zero values

I need to print/export to pdf with visible zero values in cells. I couldn't find the solution.

I'm using LibreOffice Calc version under Ubuntu (linux).

I have configured my spreadsheet to always show zeros as blanks. However, in a small number of selected cells, I want zeros to be explicitly shown.

Is there a way to format individual cells to override the default "hide if zero" behavior? I can't find any way to do this.

Thank you very much.

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2016-08-21 18:31:36 +0100 reageerde op een antwoord Where can I download old versions of LibreOffice?

:-) thanks for the answer, was creating the question to answer myself since for some reasons we get more of those lately

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2016-08-21 18:19:26 +0100 beantwoorde een vraag Where can I download old versions of LibreOffice?

In general it is not advisable to use install or use an old version of LibreOffice, those are no longer maintained, might contain security and other bugs that were fixed in the meantime.

If you want to pinpoint a bug to a specific version where it has been introduced, you might be interested in the Bibisect Repositories instead. We have repositories with all the released versions or newer ones with a much finer granularity for more current versions.

If you still want an old version, you can find them in the download archiveat http://downloadarchive.documentfounda...

2016-08-21 18:13:58 +0100 stelde een vraag Where can I download old versions of LibreOffice?

I want to download an old version of LibreOffice for whatever reason, but the LibreOffice download page only offers the two most recent versions.

Where can I find older versions?

2016-08-19 16:22:22 +0100 beantwoorde een vraag opening a csv file gives chinese signs

make sure to select the proper character encoding when opening the file. (UTF-8 vs UTF-16 vs other specific encodings)

2016-08-19 12:00:14 +0100 reageerde op een antwoord Was ist mit AODL passiert? Ersatz? hat die beste Zusammenfassung: * AODL wurde nicht mitgenommen, als das Projekt zu apache gewechselt ist * es war bereits zu diesem Zeitpunk (2011) unmaintained * es gibt ein repostitory auf BitBucket - aber ebenfalls unmaintained/veraltet (ist aber als offiziell angesehen werden kann:

2016-08-18 23:35:52 +0100 beantwoorde een vraag How do I prevent LO from updating?

Goto Tools|Options → LibreOffice → Online-Update and disable the corresponding option to auto-check for updates.

And LibreOffice doesn't have a feature to automatically update itself. It only has a check whether new updates are available online.

So likely you added a repository to your linux distribution that carries the latest version and you did update by your distro's package manger.

2016-08-09 11:32:20 +0100 reageerde op een antwoord Calc zeigt kein Hochkomma an

ein einfaches Hochkomma am Anfang der Zeile erzwingt die Interpretation als Text, das ist also ein Feature. Will man ein einzelnes Hochkomma am Anfang des Textes auch im Tabellenblatt anzeigen, so muss man das Zellformat manuell auf "Text" stellen, dann verliert das Hochkomma seine spezielle Bedeutung und wird ausgegeben..

2016-07-05 16:21:50 +0100 beantwoorde een vraag Preventing text boxes changing apparent size on linux?

As already pointed out - the problem is in the font used. Calibri is a Windows-only font, but LO (as from TDF) offers Carlito font family as metrically equivalent substitution. For Arial and Times New Roman, the Liberation fonts offer that metrically equivalent replacement.

I don't see the package from Archlinux installing the Carlito fonts. only lists the opensymbol font in its filelist, and the liberation fonts only as a build time dependency.

So installing should solve the problem, at least minimize it so you likely won't notice a difference. Switching to Carlito directly of course minimizes the differences even more :-)

(you can see what font is actually used by exporting to PDF and view the properties of the created file in your PDF viewer)

2016-05-19 18:09:32 +0100 beantwoorde een vraag Please fix your email system at bugzilla

fixed the mailsetup for bugzilla, but nabble is a different service, so TDF admins have no influence on that.

nabble is a webfrontend in forum-style for the mailinglists only, so you don't have to use that indirection, but can subscribe directly to the mailinglist ( ) – but subscribing is optional (if you're not subscribed, your messages will be presented to mailinglist moderators –and you can also subscribe to "nomail" variant, so you won't get mail from the list)

2016-05-10 13:20:57 +0100 beantwoorde een vraag Shortcuts for some features do not work when I upgraded to version 5

works fine here as well, double-check your configuration. image description

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2015-11-13 15:44:13 +0100 beantwoorde een vraag extract (parse?) text string

for computing the sum of the digits, you can use a fancy formula like


but explaining this a litte too much for this - but it also includes the answer to the question: Instead of LEFT, use the function MID:


for the first digit, and =MID(A2;2;1) for the second, until =MID(A2;8;1) for the eighth one.

Remember that those functions return text, not a number, so to compute with them, you should wrap them in VALUE function.

If all your input is of equal length, then assembling a manual function using eight VALUE(MID(A2,<offset>,1) statements is a workable solution, and probably easier to grasp than the fancy one above :-)

2015-08-05 16:24:58 +0100 beantwoorde een vraag note in libreoffice

Sorry, your question is incomprehensible. You should try to write more clear. what is "zeta", and how is it different to "zita" that you use later?

In any case, LibreOffice has no problem with images in documents. You cannot use pictures/images in comments/notes inserted to a document, but comments aren't really meant for that. You can just insert an additional page into your document and insert your pictures there, and have the note say "see picture xy on the additional page" or similar.

Anyway, closing this question, as any answer requires guessing what you mean. Feel free to post another question with a more detailed description.

2015-08-05 16:03:08 +0100 beantwoorde een vraag forgot password

If you saved in Open Document format, then there is no way to recover the password - You have to guess/remind yourself of the password, asee also

For actual excel format, there are tools that aid cracking a passowrd, please use a search engine of your choice.

2015-05-07 13:38:43 +0100 beantwoorde een vraag Issues torrenting LO 4.x

That's more or less impossible to answer, if at all the Transmission project might be able to help. Transmission behaves bad when it comes to using webseeds - it uses way too many connections for that (at least it used to, hopefully they improved on that). So try to limit downloads to BitTorrent peers (disable the use of regular mirrors, that are also listed in the torrent) - maybe that helps.

Other than that: no idea - closing this one as it's off-topic to LO itself, but rather is a question for Transmission (but even then people would need some console output/more data to be able to help)

2015-05-07 13:33:07 +0100 beantwoorde een vraag install into home directory on Linux redhat
for i in *rpm; do rpm2cpio |cpio -idmv; done

then you can move that opt/libreoffice<version> folder around to a place you like. Of course you won't get menu-integration that way - if you want to open files from your filemanager, you need add that mapping yourself.