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2015-04-20 09:17:23 +0200 Perguntou Per file option "Enable regular expressions in formulas" in LibreOffice Calc

Is there any way to create document-depended option "Enable regular expressions in formulas"? As I understand, enabling this option globally can broke (change results) some formulas, when opening other XLS or ODS documents. For example, formula =COUNTIF(A1:A100,'1.') is regexp-depended.

So I afraid to enable this option globally, because I can see wrong results in some documents. Can I write macros or other feature that will enable regular expressions in formulas only for current document, and stay this option disabled for all other documents?

2015-04-20 08:47:30 +0200 Perguntou Libreoffice Calc - relative link to Sheet in formula

Is there any way to create relative link to other Sheet in formula? I need the formula, that point always to right of current Sheet, independently of it's name. Another needs is "current + 2", "current -1", etc.

So I want something like =A1+{'CurrentSheet'+1}.A1 and =A1+{'CurrentSheet'-2}.A1 but can't find how to do this. Is this feature exist in LibreOffice or OpenOffice?

2015-03-17 14:55:25 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta How can I change the order of conditions in conditional formatting in calc?

I got the same problem and fill the bug about this: Please subscribe and vote for it.

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2014-08-01 09:07:37 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta Why are my list styles renamed as "WWNumN" when converting from ODT to DOCX?

Here is issue about this problem with more detailed info and examples: