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2017-07-02 09:48:42 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta How to recover database settings and odb files after system rebuild

Wow this question is more than 2 years old and not one try to answer anything? You should perceive more details. Is it

2017-07-02 09:31:37 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta How do I design a template for labels for CD/DVD that use a database?

I think it is not just that this is so tough, but you should break your question into peaces. To do that you probably ha

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2017-05-12 11:39:24 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta Looking for somebody with expertise in Base to do a paid project

I think that you better ask more specific technical questions not too far beyond the goal of this site. Do you want the

2017-05-12 10:49:48 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta Base: "The database does not support relations."

I think that the answer of Easy Trieve is rather good already. Maybe it is of interest the type of table in the mysql DB

2017-05-12 09:55:57 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta Embedded Base DB with latest/later version of HSQLDB?

I think that your way to go is splitting the DB the right way, as you already weakly suggested. Read through the article

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2015-11-09 15:09:09 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta How to avoid multi user overwrite each other in Base

This is an interesting question but I have 2 questions, or may be I just do not understand 100%. Did you definitely observed a data corruption or lost update or something like that? I understand you are using Mysql as a backend DB, if the table in charge is in the mysql backend DB then this is a Mysql question. Further it would be nice to read what you are expecting, what should have happened.

If you are indeed using Mysql as the table backend DB you might have a look at the locking mechanism see: Further you should realise that not each RDBMs have the same locking mechanism, but a self respecting RDBMS should guarantee the data integrity, but how exactly might differ.

2015-11-09 14:57:50 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta why so difficult?

U bent nog heel goed in staat om U aan te passen, ik vind het fantastisch. Dit probleem is nog open en ik grijp het maar aan om even iets kwijt te kunnen. Om de scheidingstekens enzo aan te passen is denk ik het beste te doen in calc, de spread sheet SW dus.

Om het in een tabel te krijgen: Het is mischien mogelijk om gebruik te maken van SQL, hoewel ik dit niet uitgewerkt kan tonen.

Bij ervaring kunt U denk ik toch meer kwijt dan retired engineer. Wat weet U van RDBMS systemen? Welke RDBMS SW?. Libre Office kennis? UNIX, Linux ?Andere programmeertalen?

We hoeven ons brood er niet mee te verdienen, maar het helpt als we weten waar iemand verstand van heeft.

Ik heb een vraag gestkseld op dit forum maar nog geen enkele reactie gehad, zou U mischien Uw gedachten er eens over kunnen laten gaan?

2015-11-04 18:36:40 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta append data using query

You can save your query as a query in Base. Just because you cannot use the graphic query builder does not mean that you cannot save the query as a query. You just have to build the query in the SQL query tool which is not a problem if you already has the code? If you enter the query pane/tab you take the third option.

2015-11-03 14:49:54 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta Empty Form Tabelobject with all records selected

I will attach an example db here to let anybody know, what I mean. Hopefully I will get a reaction then. The link which I hope gives access to my example DB : Instructions : If you are asked to enable macro's you have to, or you cannot see what I mean. You are shown the open Form which is I think very Intuitive.

Diagnosis up to now: The Form "Favailable" has 1 Mainform and 1 Subform.. The link fields are empty and unused. However I suspect these link fields of causing the trouble. I made another Form designed with 2 Mainforms. This problem does not exist then any longer. However then I experience another problem: How to reference the 2nd Mainform? Law of equal trouble, or what is it called in English? Sure, ecI hope someone can shine a lighton this

2015-11-03 14:49:51 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta Whu am I not allowed to upload an example DB

I am about to make my example DB accessible for gurus, I hope, who can shine a light on this. I will close this one and hopefully go on with the other and the real problem.

2015-10-26 15:25:51 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta Where is the date format error importing calc to base

If the language is initialized on automatic "Base" should format digits values like dates etc as is controlled by the Operating System. I understand that this is what you want?

2015-10-26 15:18:04 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta How to summarise data in Base

If I wanted such a Form i would develop a Form with an embedded query. The form can have field(s) that hold criteria and the underlaying query can calculate totals on columns. For the fields with criteria I would choose a list box or a combo box. Maybe it would be nice to have command button to refresh the content.

2015-10-26 15:17:08 +0200 Perguntou Whu am I not allowed to upload an example DB

If you see my only question you will understand why I want to upload an example DB. I have gotten no reaction on my question up till now, while I have tried to help a couple of others. Nothing is 100% free I believe.

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2015-10-23 15:04:14 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta Base math operation inside a form

I think that you should explain why make this in "Base", while this is something for "Calc"? Maybe your question should be how to use a "Calc" form in "Base"? Consider making a query where you can calculate field values, and by means of this query create a Form. Hope this helps.

2015-10-23 15:03:59 +0200 Resposta comentada Does LIbre Office 5 have lots of bugs on Ubuntu Linux?

I agree this took my attention. Also because of the bike must admit. Have 2 desktops and one has LO 4.2 and the other LO 5.0. I wait with upgrading the LO4.2 desktop.

2015-10-23 14:56:07 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta LO Base - 2nd SubForm Creation Problem

If I have to customize these things, go in ediApeysolt mode in the mainform. Right click in the left top corner of the table-object. If necessary two times: First one go in the "form" choice and choose tab "source". Have to have the wanted source. Secondly in the choice "control". This choice you may define new fields and customize the fields data. I always use the Dutch version so i could be mistaken on the english names. This entry took my attention because I was wondering if it could have to do with my own question. Probably not.

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2015-10-21 18:08:01 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta Has LO become subject to a modern variant of AARD code?

This question is too vague to answer, and it might be more valuable if you could be more specific. Windows operating software is expensive and windows office software even more expensive. Free operating systems for example Ubuntu are ratherondhap good but require still a lot of inexperienced users.

If a troublesome error is experienced in windows OS then I be interested in the question of comparable problems exists in these OS'es?

2015-10-21 18:06:05 +0200 Perguntou Empty Form Tabelobject with all records selected

LO software: Base more versions 5.xx 4.2 have unexpected behaviour User error or real bug? OS software Ubuntu 14.04 RDBMS users all know a sort of selection form, which is a graphic nice tool to select/deselect records in a table holding selections. Realized by a form with 2 tabelobjects left one showing available records and right tableobject showing selected records. I made this with LO Base and all works almost OK, except when all records are selected the right tableobject is empty, which is unwanted, unexpected, and not to understand.

I could deliver a table to show the behaviour, which I think for the moment is not as designed, not only by me, but also not by Base.