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2018-09-27 17:40:01 +0100 Respondeu uma pergunta Unable to use Extension TeXMaths

THANK YOU!!!!!!!! This was a HUGE help. Changing "/usr/bin/X11" to "/usr/bin/X11/latex" seems trivial, but it wasted a l

2016-12-28 00:59:58 +0100 Resposta comentada Writer - How do I remove the header and footer on some specific pages?

Thanks for the tip--this works well. The built-in "First Page" style works well and won't have any header or footer.

2016-08-30 23:53:35 +0100 Respondeu uma pergunta Documents created by LO do not display text colors in LO.

Try deleting your conf file at .config/libreoffice/... and re-open the program. This seemed to work for me.