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2017-05-29 22:44:50 +0200 Resposta editada Date format problems

When you enter the formatting menu, Enter your format at the bottom where it says 'format code'. Check on the green

2017-05-29 22:43:52 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta Date format problems

When you enter the formatting menu, Enter your format at the bottom where it says 'format code'. Check on the green

2017-05-29 22:32:03 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta Writer/Math two way arrow over symbol

There's an ugly way... a csup{ ↔ }

2017-05-29 21:03:56 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta where is the symbol for degrees F in impress?

Go to Insert (the insert option on the tool bar at the top of the window) Special Character (there is an omega next t

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2015-07-25 21:18:35 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta How do I restart a numbering field?

I figured it out, turns out it's pretty easy. When I double clicked on the field it opens some options. Change a number from illustration+1 to 1 and the numbers after will be changed accordingly.

2015-07-25 20:59:12 +0200 Perguntou Gradients in LibreOffice Writer Tables

I've been using an image of a gradient as the background in my tables in Writer.

It works okay, but it would be nicer if gradients were an included option.



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2015-06-06 18:48:43 +0200 Perguntou fixing/removing footers

My wife wrote a 300+ page book and we formatted it pretty in LibreOffice. Unknown to us our adult son installed word and then my wife accidentally opened her book in word, fixed a small typo and saved.

Now the footers are all messed up.

Is there a slick way to delete all the 300+ imported footers, so I can redo them without deleting each and every one individually?

2015-01-09 20:56:54 +0200 Pergunta comentada underbraces and overbraces

Weird change, the underbrace has been replaced by a box.

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2015-01-09 20:55:20 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta underbraces and overbraces

Weird change... the underbrace now seems to be replaced by a box. Is someone working on a fix?

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2014-11-08 17:19:26 +0200 Perguntou How do I restart a numbering field?

I've been using the numbering fields (a number range variable) for my worksheets (using Writer) and they've been working really well. Here's what I need to do next: I'm creating a packet of worksheets in the same document and need to either restart the numbering for each worksheet or have numbering that go like 1.1, 1.2,... then 2.1, 2.2....

I'm not sure how to do this, I suspect is has to do with the "numbering by chapter" but I've played with this and nothing obvious has jumped out at me yet.

Any hints would be appreciated.


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2013-11-12 07:32:34 +0200 Perguntou Is there a nice way to do long division in Math?

Is there a pretty way to do long division in Math? I'm imagining something like

4 longdiv 324 81

As it is, I'm using the | in quotes (otherwise it turns into an or) and an overline for the dividend numbers (324 in this example). The result is kind of clunky, though.

2013-11-12 07:20:56 +0200 Pergunta comentada Autonumbering in writer for quizzes, et cetera

Once I've created the field, the easy thing to do is to just copy/paste it and the new number will be one more than the old. Very nice! Thanks again!

2013-11-12 07:19:58 +0200 Pergunta comentada Autonumbering in writer for quizzes, et cetera

I tried that thread with the custom numbered field. A bit of working through mystery tables, but yes, it really seems to work. Thank you!

2013-11-03 00:41:21 +0200 Pergunta comentada Design Suggestion: A better way for array functions?

I submitted it to the bugzilla section. We'll see if it attracts any interest. (I bet those guys are already pretty busy with other parts of this project.)

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2013-11-02 00:40:17 +0200 Perguntou Design Suggestion: A better way for array functions?

I'm a big fan of spreadsheets, but I've never like how spreadsheets including LibreOffice Calc handle functions with multiple cell outputs.

Here's what I imagine.

=transpose(A2:A5, B2:E2)

Where A2:A5 are the input cells and B2:E2 are the transposed output cells. I'm not sure what the cell itself should show, maybe something to indicate whether the procedure completed successfully.


=sort(A2:A5, B2:B5)

Where Where A2:A5 are the input cells and B2:B5 are the sorted output cells.

or maybe

=linear.regression(A2:B10, C1, C2, C3)

C1=slope, C2=intercept, C3=r²

I think this sort of design would be far more intuitive than the current standard.

2013-10-01 19:54:16 +0200 Marcada como a melhor resposta Diagonal Fractions?

Is there a nice way to construct diagonal fractions using Math?

If not, it would make a nice feature addition.


2013-08-02 23:27:40 +0200 Pergunta comentada Diagonal Fractions?

Thank you. They've been added to the update. "Wideslash" is the word.

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