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2016-04-25 12:30:57 +0200 Pergunta comentada Is there a way to pack LibreOffice Impress document in single executable file?

Is this going to solve the problem? When end-user will double click on file, then it is probably too late Microsoft PowerPoint will open up and require a password. Non technical user will just type in a password, not knowing that that it is too late to open a file with LibreOffice Impress.

2016-04-25 07:26:27 +0200 Perguntou Is there a way to pack LibreOffice Impress document in single executable file?

Hi, I have created Impress document and save it on USB drive. On the same drive I have copied LibreOffice Portable and instructed non-geek friend to first run LibreOffice and then File | Open and search for the file. But at presentation someone else has already clicked on document and Microsoft PowerPoint has fired out and open the document. The document was little bit corrupted in Microsoft PowerPoint, looked ugly. My friend just didn't know what to do... Now he has to present the same presentation in another audience and would like to make it look more beautiful. Presentation will be run on Windows.

Is there a way I can pack LibreOffice Impress into single executable file or similar? The idea is that original Impress file must be somehow hidden (or packed inside another file), to prevent double click on file. So end friend should double click on one file and presentation should fired in LibreOffice Impress.


2016-04-25 07:19:14 +0200 Perguntou How to create diff between two Impress documents

Hi, I have created presentation in Impress document and I need to sent it to 4 of my coworkers. They each added/changed something in presentation. Now my task is to create unified document with all of the changes into single document. Is there some diff mechanism or something similar to find out what are the changed made between coworkers documents and my original document? Thanks

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2015-12-11 08:14:33 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta I am stuck between 5.0.1 and 5.0.3.

You will probably need to do some "hacking". Try manually deleting your C:\<install_dir>\LibreOffice5 and then install new version of LibreOffice.

2015-12-11 07:43:25 +0200 Resposta comentada I am stuck between 5.0.1 and 5.0.3.

If it is MSI file then it is on some sort of Windows.

2015-12-11 07:38:30 +0200 Resposta comentada How to convert merged cells into ordinary cells and copy data from merged cells to ordinary cells?

The problem is, I have written only a sample how to produce a problem. In my case I never do merge, I just get the document already produced in this way by my coworkers and customers and I need to do some analytics on it like filters etc.

My question is: Is there any simple way of transforming merged cells into unmerged cells AND copy all of the content from top most member to all unmerged cells after it.

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2015-12-10 09:58:49 +0200 Perguntou How to convert merged cells into ordinary cells and copy data from merged cells to ordinary cells?

In LibreOffice Calc on Windows 7:

Type in data in the following cells:

A2: Country1

A4: Country2

B2: Customer1

B3: Customer2

B4: Customer3

B5: Customer4

C1: Quantity

C2: 100

C3: 100

C4: 100

C5: 100

  1. Mark cells A2 and A3 and click button on toolbar "Merge and Center Cells".

  2. Mark cells A4 and A5 and click button on toolbar "Merge and Center Cells".

  3. Click on C1.

  4. Click on Autofilter icon from toolbar.

  5. Click on the filter arrow from A1 cell and you will notice beside Country1 and Country2 also a "empty" string. It looks like Cals behaves like merged cells A3 and A5 are "empty".

image description

Is there some way to fix this problem?

I can do this manually but it can be a big pain if table is huge:

a) Click on column A.

b) Click on "Merge and Center Cells" to unmerge the cells.

c) Manually copy text from C2 to C3 and C4 to C5.

P.S. There may be more then one cells merged it really depends how many customers belongs to particular country in the data I get from my coworkers.


2015-10-27 20:22:12 +0200 Marcada como a melhor resposta Why produces an "invalid certificate" error?

If using in Internet Explorer then I get Certificate Error. Why do I get this error? It looks like is using the same certificate as Can administrators fix this problem? Where can I report this "bug"? Probably not on LibreOffice bug tracker isn't it?

image description

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2015-10-27 20:20:22 +0200 Marcada como a melhor resposta What is benefit of installing build-in help instead of accessing it on-line?

On main download page there are two files to download: main installer and build-in help. What is advantages/disadvantages of installing it versus using on-line help? When should user install the build-in help and when not?

ADVANTAGES OF INSTALLING BUILD IN HELP 1. Help is accessed even computer is not connected to internet. Like traveling with train and using laptop. 2. If slow internet connection, then help is accessed faster from local files then internet. 3. Privacy. For users that highly respect privacy accessing local help files reduces the ability to monitor what kind of help is he/she accessing using internet.

DISADVANTAGES OF INSTALLING BUILD IN HELP 1. If using small disk help occupies additional disk space. 2. Increases the backup image if whole partition is backed up (more files more time to take). 3. Increases the time to perform full antivirus scan (more files more time to take).

Any other advantage/disadvantage?

2015-10-21 01:56:25 +0200 Marcada como a melhor resposta What is keyboard shortcut for Sum function?

Hi, LibreOffice on Windows XP.

I constantly copy numbers from my txt files to LibreOffice in single colum. Copy/paste done by keyboard shortcuts. But then I have to "release" the keyboard and click "Sum" icon on toolbar to sum the column. I would like to do all of the tasks only by using keyboard.

What is the keyboard shortcut for Sum function? Thanks

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2013-10-18 00:08:47 +0200 Marcada como a melhor resposta How to trace back multiple formula dependencies?

Hi, LibreOffice on Windows XP.
1. In cell A1 type in 100. In cell A2 type in =A1*10. In cell A3 type in =A2-10.
2. Tools | Detective | Trace Precedents.
There is trace displayed on cells A2 and A3.
3. If clicked on A2 and repeat step 2 then trace is also displayed for cell A1 to A2.
Is there a way to have this multi-step dependencies trace done in one step? If there are multiple cascading cells dependencies, this multi-step is time consuming. Is there a way to do this multi-dependencies detective trace in one step?

2013-10-18 00:02:37 +0200 Marcada como a melhor resposta The loading of password-encrypted Microsoft PowerPoint presentation is not supported


I got Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that I can't open with LibreOffice on Windows XP. I get error message:

Read-Error. The loading of password-encrypted Microsoft PowerPoint presentation is not supported.

I know I got this error few years back, because LibreOffice is not supporting MS-PowerPoint password-encrypted files.

Is there any plan when (and if) this kind of files could be opened in LibreOffice?

P.S. I see this is one of few limitations of LibreOffice.


2013-10-18 00:00:24 +0200 Marcada como a melhor resposta Opening file from web page gets into "Read mode" - how to get rid of this "read mode"?


LibreOffice on Windows XP. When ever I open LibreOffice document from web page (like our in-house made application) LibreOffice opens Calc/Writer document in "Read only" mode. Then I need to save a document to some location and NOW I am allowed to edit the document. This is annoying because I open Calc document just to make some verifications and after closing Calc, I don't need this document anymore.

Is there any way to get rid of this "Read Only" mode and when document is opened from the web page it gets into "Edit" mode automatically?


2013-10-01 20:03:48 +0200 Marcada como a melhor resposta How to not auto-collapse navigation headings list?

Hi, in LibreOffice Writer 4.0.2 on Windows XP I typed in some text and crated headers. Now with Navigation I would like to move down whole chapters.

I did: 1. Display Navigation (F5).
2. Clicked at plus sign at Headings.
3. Marked "Sample 1 of Heading 1".
4. Click on "Demote Chapter" icon.
5. Chapter demotes but what is annoying is that "Headings" selection list gets collapsed. This is annoying because I would like to demote several times and each time I have to click plus sign at "Headings" to display heading list before I can click "Demote Chapter" icon again.

Is there a way to not auto-collapse navigation heading list?

2013-10-01 20:03:34 +0200 Marcada como a melhor resposta How to create keyboard shortcut for Cell Styles?

Hi, in LibreOffice v4.0.1.2 on Windows XP sp3 I did the following: 1. Format | Styles and Formatting 2. In default Cell Styles I have created several cell styles that I need.

How to associate keyboard shortcut to each of cell style? Regards

2013-10-01 20:02:23 +0200 Marcada como a melhor resposta How to remove thousand separator when copy/paste in LibreOffice?


using LibreOffice Calc on Windows XP.

  1. Open Notepad and type in number: 1.000
  2. Mark whole number and copy it.
  3. Paste the content into Calc cell A1. Number is copied successfully. Target number in Calc becomes number.
  4. Repeat steps from 1 to 3 by instead in step one type in number: 1.000.000 and in step 2 paste into cell A2.

Number in A2 cell is pasted with dots! (thousand and million separators) and so becoming a text in Calc instead of number. To make me possible to execute some calculations in Calc like e.g. formula in B1=A1+1 I need to manually remove dots from cell A1.

How to make it possible to recognize thousand, millions etc separator as separator and paste it as number?

P.S. I am using Slovenian language settings where dot "." is thousand separator and comma "," is decimal separator. So million (with two decimal points) is written as: 1.000.000,00

See attached file for sample.numbers.ods Thanks