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2013-04-09 09:39:32 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta thick edges and lines in xlsx files

I am having the same problem as hades19.

1 - XLSX format doesn't remember border sizes. .80pt lines display as 4.0pt lines.

2 - Also, worksheets don't remember the fonts selected when saved. Arial and Courier New are reset as Calibri.

3 - I attempted to attach the XLSX file in which I was presently experiencing these annoying symptoms, but "uploading requires karma >3." Please e-mail me if I can upload the file elsewhere so a developer can examine it.

I have spent considerable time fixing everything, but upon closing and re-opening the file, all those settings are lost again.

This is actually an improvement, however. Previously -- before the LibreOffice update TODAY (2013 Apr 8) -- I was unable to save to XLSX or open XLSX files created by LO (although LO was able to open XLSX files created by MsOffc.)