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2016-07-04 14:44:02 +0200 Resposta comentada How can I duplex print using double-sided photo paper?

I agree that it's probably a system or printer driver issue. My guess is that the printer manufacturer or driver developer has never seen two sided glossy photo paper and therefore did not allow for it in the driver. An alternate to @ajlittoz 's answer would be to print all the odd page numbers, flip the output stack and then print all the even pages.

2016-06-28 16:25:01 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta I'm trying to install but I get a message that the system administrator has set policies that prevent installation. Is there any way to fix this?

If the machine's policies allow you to run programs from a flash drive, you could use the LibreOffice Portable It will run from a flash drive and when closed will leave virtually nothing on the host machine (unless you save your documents on the host). You should first download and install the Portable Apps Platform Portable Apps Platform and then use it to manage the installation of LibreOffice and any other of the more than 300 programs offered in this format.

Depending on the machine's policy, you may be able to "install" to the HD.

Note that as used above, "install" is a much more limited word than usual. The installation routine is limited to setting up the necessary files in a PortableApps directory and does not involve the Windows Registry or program components external to Portable Apps.

You can do the flash drive installation from another machine and then just use the drive on the target machine.

2016-06-13 05:42:08 +0200 Pergunta comentada How to print a writer document in reverse

Do you really mean mirror image, as in right to left for English and the letters facing backwards? Or perhaps you mean reverse page order, as in first to last? If mirror, please tell us why you would want to do this. My only guess is for use as a stencil or similar.

2016-06-11 13:50:15 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta Why is the tmp location set locally for LibreOffice Portable

This is a question better asked on the forums at However, the methodology that portable apps uses is to remove all traces of its "visit" to a host machine that can be removed as the program is exited. As you say, it is the tmp files that are being stored locally, not the output or other files. Look at the contents of the tmp directory after you exit all of the portable apps that you are running. It will probably be empty, in fact, the directory will probably not be there at all.

2016-04-01 13:49:07 +0200 Pergunta comentada Display chart in new sheet

See this question: Put Chart in Separate Sheet It's older and based on the 4.x LO series, I think. (IIRC). I've just tried it in LO 5 - this aspect does not seem to have changed. Unfortunately!

2016-03-06 22:43:20 +0200 Marcada como a melhor resposta Is there a way to make a standalone form from queries or reports in Base?

I'm using LO Portable on a Win 7 Pro machine, primarily, although I don't think that's critical for my question.

Forms created in Base can be saved as Writer files, .odt. When linked back to the database the .odt file can be used directly to function as the form. This avoids having to launch the database file. These standalone forms can also be aggregated into another Writer file to create a "switchboard", using, for example, push buttons for each form. Both of these approaches are good ways to make the database easier to use for less computer comfortable users.

When trying the same approach with either queries or reports, the file seems to be savable only back into the database. Is there a way to create an external file similar to the forms method? Lacking that, is there a way to create a desktop shortcut that would run the query or report?

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2016-03-02 12:36:39 +0200 Resposta comentada How do i update LO 5.0 portable to LO5.5?

My pleasure.

2016-03-02 05:18:05 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta How do i update LO 5.0 portable to LO5.5?

If you are using the Windows version obtained through, then updates are handled the same for virtually all PortableApps. Either use the PortableApps menu system to update automatically, or download the LibreOffice paf file and launch it from the options menu of the PortableApps menu. "Install" it to the same directory as the current version. However, I note that the current version available through is 5.1.0 for the Fresh version and 5.0.5 for the Still version.
Detailed information at: Upgrading LO

2016-02-17 15:02:16 +0200 Resposta comentada How Can I Keep The First Row In LibreOffice Calc Remain On Top When Scrolling?

I should have cited that I was using on Win 7. Perhaps, per @Lupp, that tool is no longer in where I show it.

2016-02-17 14:23:56 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta How Can I Keep The First Row In LibreOffice Calc Remain On Top When Scrolling?

You can easily control this with the tool in the upper right corner of the inner display. First image below shows a spreadsheet in its normal state. The second shows it with the tool pulled down to keep rows 1-4 always visible as you move the lower pane's elevator up and down.

Normal display

split pane display

There is a similar tool in the lower right corner that allows a vertical split to provide a columnar separation.

2016-01-27 22:02:01 +0200 Pergunta comentada Sum not updating when new data input

A tag is essentially a keyword used to characterize the question so that it, and related ones, can be found more readily in the future. For example clicking the tag "calc" on this question will give all the questions that have that tag.

2016-01-12 04:50:20 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta How can I see two distant pages of a document in Writer?

If it were a spreadsheet, you could have used the slider at the top right corner to split the window, but that is not available in (my version - Portable, on Win 7 of Writer. It is available in Calc. It's also available in MS Word.

However, you can use the menu Window > New Window to create a second view of the document. Then arrange the two windows as needed. They are independent views of the same document and you can set the page for each.

2016-01-07 03:31:30 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta How do I apply a different footer to each individual page of a writer document?

You want a footnote, not a footer. See link text which describes both footnotes (at the bottom of the page) and endnotes (at the end of the document). At the point of insertion of the reference (in the body of the text), use Insert > footnote/endnote. You will have the options in the resulting dialog to accept manual or automatic footnote numbers or another type of symbol, as well as specifying whether you want a footnote or endnote.

2015-12-30 20:40:16 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta font size on mailing labels

I have limited experience with mailing labels / mail merge. What I found is that once the field names are placed in the Writer document, they can be selected and their size set. That size then carries over to the labels that result from executing the merge.

2015-11-16 23:05:48 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta How to Create Portable App for LibreOffice.

Your question is not clear enough to get an explicit answer.

The PortableApps platform already creates what I think you are calling mini-launchers - the various components are included in the PA menu. If you mean, "how do I do a one click launch without the PA menu" then just create shortcuts - on the desktop or elsewhere - to the "applicationname"portable.exe in the PA file system. Example would be a shortcut to : LibreOfficeWriterPortable.exe which is in: X:\PortableApps\PortableApps\LibreOfficePortable , where X is the drive letter associated with the PA installation. Using shortcuts would imply that you have it permanently installed on a consistent drive letter, such as the hard drive, or always use it on the same machine with the same drive letter assigned to its flash drive. I don't think you can put shortcuts on the root of the flash drive if the drive letters change, as they may when you move to different machines. That's really a question for the PortableApps forum - search first, it may have been answered already.

2015-10-24 17:18:40 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta I have a series of 3 numbers (2 blood pressure and 1 pulse) How can I create a graph to see how they relate.

What @horst suggests will work. However, it is not necessary. Selecting the three columns of numbers and then "Chart" will generate a chart plotted against the row number, or data point number. See the image below. The chart shown is a Line chart, a Bar or Column chart is also an option. This was done in LO (Portable) on Win 7.

Sample of Calc Chart

If you do opt to put a column in as per horst, then it could be a date as he suggests, but could be just about anything else - time of day, initials of who took the measurement, an ordinal number (which will give the results I show), what you had for breakfast, etc.

2015-10-09 19:50:09 +0200 Resposta comentada Some (one?) greek sign(s) missing in LibreOffice

@Alex Kemp Would you expand on how to actually access the unicode characters you list? I believe that those with just numeric values can be accessed with Alt+numerical keypad value in Windows. I don't see how to do the ones you list with letters. I did search help, but no joy. thanks

2015-10-02 21:10:53 +0200 Resposta comentada Calc. Version Read-only document. A yellow info bar shows up telling me "This document is open in read-only mode." I know. How do I get rid of this unnecessary, useless thing. I never want to see this. ?

I think the OP is opening a read only document that he knows is read only. He just is tired of seeing the notification that it's read only.

2015-09-30 22:09:29 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta How do I insert a pdf image in writer

If you are generating the originals in Inkscape, why not export / save as an image format from Inkscape directly?

2015-09-30 22:04:43 +0200 Resposta comentada How can I make a csv file with Writer and import with Calc

I think you left out step 1a: Copy.

2015-09-29 19:09:28 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta What Format Are You Saving In?

If you need to share electronic versions of your documents with others, you need to consider what they are using. If they are predominantly Word users, then using doc or docx will make the sharing easier. Another factor to consider is how complicated your documents are and what features you are using. If they are complicated or are using a lot of less common features, the conversion to a Word format may lose some formatting or features.

You can set LO to default to the doc, or docx, or odf format, so that you don't have to select it each time.

An option if you only share some documents sometimes, is to use odf as the default and save as doc or docx only when necessary. Alternatively, if the others do not need to be able to edit, you can use odf as your default and export as pdf to share.

As to @rautamiekka 's comment: I agree. I use MS Office 2003 which saves natively in doc, but can support docx through an MS supplied add on.

2015-09-21 04:50:23 +0200 Resposta comentada Date discrepancy problems

@doug Sorry, I missed that (the tag).

2015-09-20 05:33:31 +0200 Resposta comentada Date discrepancy problems

@doug Can SQL be used with Calc? I thought it was only applicable to Base. While @TJNolander does not specify in the OP, based on the source being Excel, I assume the target is Calc.

2015-09-07 14:59:39 +0200 Resposta comentada How to change type of populated field in Base?

I have discovered that the Base Table opened by dragging into the Calc window, as above, was short. It had about 1500 records vs the full table at about 1800 records.

2015-09-07 14:37:46 +0200 Resposta comentada How to change type of populated field in Base?

@pierre-yves samyn Thanks for this. It enabled me to pick up where I had gotten to with the others's help, which was a Zip field as text, with the original name, in the original field order. I prepended a single 0 to the 4 digit zips. I did not use your exact form, since I think it would have created 00000 zips where the zip was missing (blank). I used:

UPDATE "tbl_Contacts-rework"

SET "Contact Zip" = RIGHT('0' || "Contact Zip", 5)

Note I was able to overwrite the same field

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2015-09-07 05:31:14 +0200 Resposta comentada How to change type of populated field in Base?

This looks like it will work. I munged it a little, so will have to start over. I'll look again in the morning. Thanks! I did succeed in generating the Text zip code field. Then did some renaming to end up with the original field deleted and the Text version named to the original's name. I did not use the Case statements - manually edited the 4 digit codes. When I reopened the table the codes were not changed and the field location was in the original's order, not at the end!

2015-09-07 02:15:10 +0200 Resposta comentada How to change type of populated field in Base?

... I tried copying the entire Calc sheet and pasting it, and tried copying the Zip column and pasting that, but the paste has no effect in Base. Note that the Table has both a native ID and a foreign ID field.
I'd appreciate some clarification - both on charlie's import instructions and on @peterwt 's convert to text instructions. .

2015-09-07 02:09:54 +0200 Resposta comentada How to change type of populated field in Base?

... right aligned (numbers). Selecting the column or some of the contents and formatting cells as Text does not affect the display. I deleted the old Zip column. I copied the new Zip column and pasted it over itself as text and numbers only.

I am not clear on charlie's instructions for then getting the new columns into the database. The Calc sheet has columns for all the fields of the table. ...more

2015-09-07 02:04:47 +0200 Resposta comentada How to change type of populated field in Base? @peterwt Here's my initial results. I was not able to open the table in the F4 window as shown by charlie. However, I opened the database file and the table within it and did a similar drag from there. I made a new column next to the old Zip column. I renamed the original to "Zip old" and named the new column to Zip. I applied the formula as suggested by charlie. It prepended the 0, but the zips with the prepended 0 are left aligned (are text) and the originals are ...more

2015-09-07 02:00:36 +0200 Resposta comentada How to change type of populated field in Base? I previously posted a comment here, it is now missing. It said: Thanks for both the answer and for editing it to make it clearer. I will try it and let you know how it works. (It was my first comment on this thread.)

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2015-09-06 23:39:13 +0200 Resposta comentada How to change type of populated field in Base?

@peterwt Thanks. I'm not sure quite where I should change the format of the new column. I'll experiment and advise of results.

2015-09-06 23:14:19 +0200 Medalha recebida  Pergunta popular (fonte)
2015-09-06 14:27:23 +0200 Perguntou How to change type of populated field in Base?

I have a table in Base ( Win 7, LO Portable v, US English) that is populated. It has 5 digit zip codes in it. I initially set it as Integer, not realizing that leading 0's would be removed by the database engine. It now has about 1500 records in it. I need to change the field type, probably to Text. How best to do it? What type would work best?

If I try to edit the table and change the type I get an error that it can't be done and would I like to remove the field and append a new one. Accepting that wipes out the data in the field.

I think an approach would be to created a new field, with a better choice of field type and a similar name. How would I then populate it with the existing data? If I can somehow copy it over, I can easily look for the 4 digit entries and prepend a 0 to them manually. I'm guessing this may need some (simple) SQL. If so, can someone tell me the SQL?

Also, I am assuming that once I have created the new field, populated it, and edited it, I can then delete the original and rename the replacement to match the original. Am I correct in thinking that all existing references, such as in queries and reports to the original field will now point to the renamed new field?


2015-08-27 23:50:18 +0200 Respondeu uma pergunta How do I export a table in an image format from LibreOffice writer?

I tested the following in LO in Win 7. I suspect it will be insensitive to both LO version and OS.

  1. In your source document, select the table.
  2. Copy it.
  3. Generate a new Writer document.
  4. Paste the table into it.
  5. File>Export>as png.
  6. This will create a png image with just the table, since it's the only thing in the new file.
  7. Discard the file.
2015-08-05 16:15:29 +0200 Marcada como a melhor resposta Base runs ok in Win, fails with "unable to connect" in Linux

I developed a simple Base file in LibreOffice Portable v under Win 7 Pro 64bit. I transferred it to another computer running Win XP SP3 32 bit and possibly version 4.1x of LibreOffice Portable. It works there.
I transferred the files to a Linux Mint 17 32bit system (same machine as the Win XP under dual boot). It has LO v, which is the latest in the Mint repository. I can load the database. When I click on a form I get an error message that says approximately: " Connection to the external data source could not be established. No SDBC driver was found for hte URL 'sdbc:embedded:hsqldb' " The same error occurs when I load a version of the form that was saved as a Writer document. The same error occurs when I try to go the Table section and when I try to open a report, except that the report error starts with "The connection to the data source "database name" could not be established. I have successfully registered the database in the options menu. Its location is shown as /home/myname/Documents/VCJC/ContactLists/databasename.odb

All files related to the database are in the same directory.

In all cases, under Tools>Options>LibreOffice Base>Connections I do not have Connection pooling enabled. Enabling does not change the problem. Below the table of drivers it says the current driver is Does that have to be changed? The Win 7 system shows Selecting that in the Linux system does not help.

I definitely don't understand what external data source the database is trying to connect to. Any help in understanding what is going on, and especially in fixing it would be great!