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@David : Apparatus SIL is perfect for what I'm doing as is it's sister, Charis SIL.

I probably should have made my first post more clear (it was late). I generally use Ubuntu for accented Greek. As far as most English documents, and particularly this one, I use a serif, such as Lib. Serif or similar. The Apparatus/Charis pair will suit my needs for Textual Criticism work perfectly. Thanks again.

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2013-09-01 14:33:47 +0100 Resposta comentada Unicode formatting being stripped from LO4.1

Thanks, It's nice to know I'm not going nuts! I will await the bugfix eagerly.

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2013-09-01 14:32:36 +0100 Resposta comentada Unicode formatting being stripped from LO4.1

Thanks for this, Indeed if I change the font to FreeSerif it does work! Which is fine for the doc I am writing at the moment as the text body is in Lib. Serif anyway. I don't know how I missed that font. As particularly the Fraktur P is critical in Ancient manuscript textual criticism (What I'm currently doing my paper on), it is nice to have this workaround until the bugfix is pushed! Thanks again..

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Hi there,

First of all, I am aware of the other unicode threads out there. I have looked into This and This on here, but I have a slightly different problem. My main problem is that LO Writer is actually displaying the characters wrong. Specifically the Mathematical Fraktur characters (𝖀 and 𝕻, Unicode: U+1D580, U+1D57B) are being stripped to their Latin equivalents (UP). This is in all fonts within LO and stays when exported to PDF, however if I save as a plain text the characters display correctly. As you can see also, within the browser they show up perfectly too.

I am using UberStudent 3.0 Plato (Ubuntu 13.04 + XFCE) x64 with LO from repos as I wanted the font embed options (I use the Ubuntu font family a lot as I find it is one of the nicest looking, sans, accented Greek fonts available, and my counterparts use windows). I did think that this option may be the culprit, so I have tried it with and without the font embedding option, with no luck.

Is this a bug in the latest version of LO, or am I missing something here, as when i was using LO 3.5 these characters were displaying perfectly. I would upload some sample files, for you to have a look at, bus seeing as this is my first post and my karma is <3, I cannot...

Thanks for your help.