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2014-01-07 16:45:29 +0100 Respondeu uma pergunta Impress - Slide Notes aside is needed

I really need this feature also. Actually the only way to archive something neat it, but not at all good, is to chose 4 iamges by page, but then, it's only available in landscape mode and the commment are under and not ar the right, It's not pratical to write note on it.

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2014-01-03 02:05:42 +0100 Perguntou OSX Maverick "unidentified developer"

once installing the lastest On the latest Mac OSX 10.9.1 I try to install the french language pack, but got this message from the operating system

"Impossible d’ouvrir « LibreOffice Language », car cette app provient d’un développeur non identifié."

« LibreOffice Language » est sur l’image disque « LibreOffice_4.1.4_MacOS_x86_langpack_fr (1).dmg ». Google a téléchargé cette image disque aujourd’hui à 20:00 à partir de"

Rough tranlation :

unable to install because this app come from an unidentified developer

LibreOffice Language » is a disk image « LibreOffice_4.1.4_MacOS_x86_langpack_fr (1).dmg ». Google haD downloaded this disque image today at 20:00 from"