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2020-08-23 08:26:18 +0100 Marcada como a melhor resposta How can I stop auto paragraph numbering?

I have imported a Word document that has auto paragraph numbering into Writer and want to stop the auto numbering.

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2020-08-17 12:24:28 +0100 Marcada como a melhor resposta How to format a Table of Contents

The default styles for a Writer Table of Contents are very resistant to change and the instructions on reformatting don't reflect what I see before me. Manual formatting works fine, but goes away with each 'update' run. Is there a way to manually format and Table of Contents with Styles that will stick? OR, can anyone direct me to a better set of instructions on How to Format a Contents page?

2020-08-17 12:17:42 +0100 Marcada como a melhor resposta insert new page style

My rather complex book was imported into Writer and has Convert 1, Convert 2, etc, to describe the page Style for each chapter. For some reason, in two cases, the Chapters have the same Convert #, such that they both have the same Headers. How can I rename the second page Style or insert a new page Style so as to be able to correctly label the headers in the second chapter? The page styles available on the menu are not suitable as they again assign identical headers to two chapters. I need a new page Style to hold the headers for that chapter. Also, in one instance the header in a sequential page style persists in retaining the header from the previous page style on the first page.

2020-08-16 21:35:37 +0100 Marcada como a melhor resposta manage place where Writer document opens

How can LO be set up so that it re-opens a document at the place where the last 'save' took place or where I stopped working?

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2018-06-21 19:40:25 +0100 Resposta comentada fill format mode button not working.

This problem has re-issued in Writer Version I can find no way to exit Fill Format Mode. I have had this proble

2018-06-21 19:38:38 +0100 Resposta comentada fill format mode button not working.

This problem has re-issued Version I can find no way to exit Fill Format Mode.

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2016-07-10 22:59:39 +0100 Perguntou thick black cursor in Writer?

In a section of my document a thick black cursor has appeared that is unmanageable. It deletes the text before it as I type. How can I make it go away? I want to use the simple cursor I am used to.

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2016-02-26 22:07:09 +0100 Marcada como a melhor resposta Can a group of lines (a poem) be formatted as a style?

Writer 4.2, iMac latest version, English,

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2015-12-24 10:39:38 +0100 Perguntou When I use justified text in Writer 4.4, many lines exceed the right margin

I am using Writer on a Mac OS X. When I use justified text many lines exceed the right margin. Can this be corrected?

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2015-11-02 14:46:10 +0100 Perguntou What is the most stable iteration of Writer for iMac?

I am having problems working with Writer 4.3 and 4.4; Styles are not updating, Save to PDF is creating errors, the Help function does not correspond to the program I am using, etc., etc. Can anyone suggest a throughly reliable LO for Mac word processing?

2015-11-02 14:46:05 +0100 Perguntou LO help refers to a Edit Index panel. Where is it?

writer 4.4.5, iMac I am trying to format a Contents page. Styles does not 'update style' in Contents 1, 2, etc. for paragraphs or characters. Manual editing disappears after an 'update index' command. LO help refers to an Edit Index panel that should appear after right-clicking in the Contents. This does not occur nor can I find such a panel elsewhere. How does one format the appearance of a Contents?

2015-11-02 14:38:18 +0100 Respondeu uma pergunta How do I centre a table on the page?

Found it! At the bottom of the Table Menu, select Table Properties. Therein you can select Left, Right or Centre placement (alignment) of the Table on the page.

2015-11-02 14:38:15 +0100 Respondeu uma pergunta Writer. on Save to pdf 4.3 changes the pagination and 4.4.5 changes the justification

I think I have answered my own question. By opening the Print dialogue page, and then selecting the PDF button in the bottom left, and then choosing Save to PDF, I have been able to get accurate PDFs.

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2015-10-29 15:02:53 +0100 Perguntou Table of Contents

Writer 4.4 iMac. I wish to create a simple of Contents with three levels, each formatted. When I Insert Table of Contents the word Contents appears, but no entries. The options for formatting are complex and not at all explained in the Help section and not at all in the book Writer 3.4. Would I do better to use HTML links? Or just create a Contents manually?

2015-10-26 15:11:06 +0100 Perguntou How do I centre a table on the page?

Writer, iMac. The default places a table against the left margin of the page. How can it be centred on the page?

2015-10-22 12:06:11 +0100 Perguntou Writer. on Save to pdf 4.3 changes the pagination and 4.4.5 changes the justification

When I save my document to pdf Writer 4.3 changes the pagination of the document and Writer 4.4.5 left-aligns my justified text. How can get an accurate pdf file suitable for publication?

2015-10-21 18:03:31 +0100 Perguntou When I save my justified document to PDF it is converted to align left. How can I stop this?

Recently upgraded to Writer 4.4.5 on an iMac OS 10.9.5. My book is mostly justified text but when I ask for a save to PDF Writer is giving me a left justified PDF text. How can I get the justified text I need?

2015-10-14 15:34:50 +0100 Resposta comentada LibreOffice Writer: Why did heading 1 and heading 3 disappear from the table of contents?

I had the same problem. The general instructions for Contents are not clearly written in the Help and the book is obsolete on this point.